DNA Leads to Arrest of Deadly Home Invasion Suspect

As reported, the man accused of killing Joe Wido during a violent home invasion was arrested, thanks to DNA left on a mask from the crime scene. 26 year old Francis Sicola, a convicted felon from North Carolina, was reportedly arrested last Friday, which would have been the murder victim’s birthday.

Bobby and her husband Joe were were high school sweethearts that ended up married for nearly 60 years. But Joe’s life ended when a criminal broke into their home last year. The elderly couple had just gone to bed when a masked gunman stormed into their home demanding money, jewelry, and prescription drugs. Joe, who was a decorated World War II veteran, fought back – but he didn’t have a gun. He was trying to protect his wife, but was unable to stop the armed robber. After murdering Joe, the robber tied up his widow, and left her next to his body while he ransacked the house. About 10 hours later, neighbors finally heard Bobby crying for help.

While I’m glad that the police are making progress on this case, nothing that they can do will bring back Joe Wido.  For that reason, I would urge senior citizens to have a gun for self defense, as it might just save their life one day.  While very few people in the 80’s can fight off a young criminal, guns allow just about anyone to defend themselves against even the strongest criminals.  And that is just one of the reasons why I support gun rights.