84 Year Old Uses Handgun to Stop Home Invader

As the Sun Herald reports, an 84 year old Mississippi man used his handgun to stop a home invader.  The elderly man was at home with his 74-year-old wife, at about 5 a.m. at their residence in the area of Adams Street, in Bayside Park. Hancock County Sheriff’s Investigator Andre Fizer said the couple heard a noise as an alleged criminal tried to break through the front door, then tried to enter through a back door, and also through a rear window of the residence.  As he grew weaker trying to hold off the intruder at the back door, the resident asked his wife to bring his .45 caliber Colt handgun. He fired one shot through a lower panel of the door, wounding the alleged home invader, Wade Ledesma.

This is yet another case where law abiding citizens have used firearms to defend themselves.  Sadly, a story like this is rarely reported by the mainstream media, who instead prefer to give attention to anti-gun rights rants on the part of politicians who are themselves protected by armed and taxpayer-funded bodyguards.  I wonder how many home invasions and violent crimes, in places such as Oak Park and Chicago, could have been avoided if those law abiding citizens had been armed.