Chicago Crime: So bad that the Governor Offers State Troopers and National Guard Equiptment

As the Sun Times reports, after stating that violent crime in Chicago is “out of control,” Governor Rod Blagojevich offered to loan Illinois state troopers and National Guard equipment to Chicago to help augment the Chicago Police officers.

The Governor of Illinois made these offers in the wake of Chicago’s rampant crime, which has increased dramatically this year.  The Taste of Chicago was marred by multiple shootings, and areas of the city that were recently considered safe now suffer gang-related shootings.  Criminals, who either don’t have cars or don’t feel like paying the steep prices for gasoline, are now conducing bike-by shootings.  Another Chicago teenager has been shot 3 separate times this year.  In one single weekend, over 30 people where shot.  I could go on, but it is clear Chicago’s crime rate is up, in a noticeable way.

It is also worth noting that the overwhelming majority of these crimes are committed by criminals who are violating Chicago’s handgun ban, along with state and federal laws that ban gun ownership by convicted felons.  Since criminals don’t obey gun control laws any more than they obey the laws against murder, rape, robbery, or home invasion, Chicago’s handgun ban only serves to disarm the law abiding citizens, making them easier targets for the criminals.  I sincerely hope, for the safety and wellbeing of Chicago’s residents, that Mayor Daley accepts the police assistance from the Governor of Illinois, takes steps to actually stop crime instead of just blaming guns, and allows the citizens of Chicago to enjoy the same type of armed protection which Daley currently keeps for himself, at taxpayer expense.