Another Shooting Near the Chicago Loop – despite the handgun ban

As the Chicago Tribune reports, a 22 year old man was shot in Chicago’s downtown area, near the intersection of Randolph st and Michigan ave, at about 12:45am – despite the more than 20 year old ban on handgun possession.Note that this shooting occurred in the middle of the Chicago’s (wealthy) downtown area – not a lower income area known for violence.  Chicago police had no motive and no suspect in custody.  This shooting follows on heels of the 4 downtown area shootings that took place after the Taste of Chicago and fireworks the previous day.

As I mentioned yesterday:

This is yet more evidence of the fact that criminals willing to commit murder aren’t going to be deterred by a handgun ban.  Such criminals will still get guns, and will use their guns to victimize the law abiding, gun ban obeying citizens.  Instead of being able to defend themselves, these citizens end up as statistics.  Even the most anti-gun politicians, such as Chicago’s Mayor Daley, see that guns can provide security – and have taxpayer sponsored armed bodyguards for their own safety, while denying that same right to their citizens.

I sincerely hope that, for the safety and wellbeing of Chicago’s citizens, the lawsuit challenging Chicago’s handgun ban is successful.