Tips for Selecting a Gun Case

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I’ve bought a variety of gun cases, for transporting handguns, shotguns, and rifles. This article lists some tips that I have come up with for those choosing a gun case, based upon the lessons I’ve learned.

1. Choose a gun case that fits your particular needs
Before you buy a case for your firearm, consider what you plan to use the case for: Are you transporting your firearm from your home to the shooting range, and then back again? Or is this case for a 2 week hunting trip? Do you need a case that is rigid enough to offer protection for the gun against drops and scrapes, or do you need a case that is flexible enough that you can bend it and store it in a small space when empty? Do you need space for a scope, extra magazines, a bi-pod, and other accessories, or will you just be transporting the gun by itself? These considerations will determine whether you choose a hard or soft case, how large the case is, and whether it has accessory pouches.

2. Make sure your gun and accessories fit in the gun case
It should go without saying, but I have seen people return gun cases because their gun didn’t fit. Other times, people have purchased a case that fits their gun, but doesn’t fit a scope, accessory, or different barrel that they add at a later time. Make sure that your case fits your gun now, and any accessories you contemplate adding in the future.

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3. Make sure the gun case fits in your vehicle
I’ve also seen people pick a gun case that either doesn’t fit in their vehicle, or at least doesn’t fit in the trunk of their vehicle. While this may not be a concern for people with SUVs or pickup trucks, it can be a problem for those with smaller cars. Given the gun phobia that some people have, along with the risk of theft, I prefer to keep my guns in the trunk and out of sight when driving, so having a gun case that fits in the trunk is important to me.

A wide variety of gun cases can be purchased online or from your local gun store.

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