Armed Metro PCS Store Employee Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a Sacramento, California Metro PCS employee reportedly used his gun to stop an armed robber who was threatening another employee.

Police say that the robber entered the cell phone retailer, hopped over the counter while armed with a gun, and attempted to commit a robbery.  Another employee is said to have grabbed his own gun and shot the robber, stopping the attack and preventing harm to those present.  A suspect, who died from gunshot wounds, was reportedly described as a 30 year old parolee with an extensive criminal history.  No injuries to any employees or bystanders was reported.

Once again, an armed citizen has stopped a violent criminal in their tracks.  In addition to protecting himself and the others present, this armed citizen has indirectly protected the many other people this robber would likely have gone on to victimize in the future.

Sadly, gun control advocates ignore the self defense value of firearms and believe that infringing the right of law abiding citizens to own a gun for self defense will somehow prevent criminals from having a gun and using it to commit a crime.  The fact is that criminals ignore the laws that tell them not to have a gun, just as readily as they ignore the rest of society’s laws.  The result is that criminals remained armed, and are able to prey upon their defenseless victims with impunity.  Adding insult to injury, gun bans lead to situations where those citizens who fire in self defense end up prosecuted for saving their own lives.