Roland Burris – The Anti Gun Replacement for Barack Obama in the Senate

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Roland Burris was appointed to fill Barack Obama‘s Senate seat, which Obama will vacate in order to serve as president.  Although Obama will be gone from the senate, Burris will continue Obama’s anti gun rights tradition:

  • Burris has campaigned for a national handgun ban for years.
  • Burris organized Chicago’s first gun turn in program.

Roland Burris also seems to be lacking any semblance of humility, which is not something that I like in an elected official:

  • After trying for years to disarm the citizens of Chicago, Illinois, and the United States as a whole, Burris admitted that he owned a gun “for protection.”
  • Burris built a monument to himself in Oak Woods Cemetery on Chicago’s South Side. His tombstone proclaims him to be a, “Trail Blazer” and includes a list of his accomplishments (with space for future accomplishments.)
  • Burris named both of his children after himself, naming his son “Roland” and his daughter “Rolanda.”
  • Burris proclaimed that he is the “most qualified person in the state of Illinois” to fill Obama’s Senate seat.

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  • Burr Deming

    As Attorney General, Roland Burris tried hard to have two men executed he knew to be innocent. Allowing himself to be used by a corrupt Governor is just another chance for Burris to sell his soul for higher office.

  • Terry McGahey

    I would not back a boycott of the Illinios gun dealers but I would back a boycott on the state of Illinios by all gun owners across our country. Being from Wyoming and having family in Indiana I will go out of my way to avoid the state completely because I refuse to spend one dime of my money in that state until such time that Illinios obeys the law of the land and observes the Constitution of our country. On my next trip back East I will drop into Kentucky by the south or drop into Michigan from Wisconsin and into Indiana from the North. Illinois can go you know where.