Rockford, IL Police: Give the Armed Robbers your Money

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As reported, the city of Rockford, Illinois has seen a string of violent armed robberies over the last week, which included 2 victims being shot and 3 being pistol whipped.  In Rockford’s local newspaper, the police have instructed citizens to not resist:

Rockford Police Sgt. Sam Pobjecky said “Anytime someone demands money from you, you should not resist in any way, especially if they produce a weapon.”

There are plenty of cases where a victim complies with a robber’s demands, only to have the robber become violent.  This woman was shot by robbers after they had successfully taken her money and pushed her out of a car.   This deli owner cooperated, but was shot 3 times in the chest because the robbers weren’t happy with the amount of money he had in the cash register.  This Oak Park man (in the 4th robbery on that page) handed over his valuables, but was then pistol whipped.  This other Oak Park man was also pistol whipped after complying with a robber’s demands.  This man was shot after armed home invading robbers weren’t satisfied with the value of his belongings.

On the other hand, armed citizens seem to be in the best possible position to defend themselves against criminals.  This armed barber shot an armed criminal.  This armed pet shop clerk shot an armed robber who threatened a fellow employee’s life.  This armed pizza delivery man defended himself against 3 armed robbers.  This armed citizen stopped a bank robber, while this armed Israeli citizen stopped a terrorist.  This armed woman shot a rapist, while this armed woman shot a stalker that broke into her home.  This pizza delivery man was able to defend himself with nothing more than a hot pepperoni pizza.  Even citizens who are illegally carrying guns have stopped bat-wielding racists and armed robbers.

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I’m not saying that an armed citizen can stop every criminal who is trying to rob or otherwise attack them.  Nor am I saying that it is always wise to resist an armed robbery.  Instead, I would say that each situation is unique, and the police should not make the blanket statement that a citizen should never resist – especially since cops certainly resist armed robberies when off duty.

Rockford Police Sgt. Sam Pobjecky also said said “If they are violent enough to carry a weapon, they are certainly violent enough to use it.”

It always annoys me when I hear someone equate gun ownership/carrying with violence.  I understand that this cop was probably just trying to say that criminals are dangerous, but he should have focused on that fact, rather than suggesting being armed is the mark of a violent person.  I would say that carrying a weapon is a means of ensuring that one will be able to defend themselves, not an indication of violence.  The fact is that citizens who have a concealed carry permit are among the most law abiding people in society.  Unfortunatly, Illinois is one of just two states with no concealed carry, meaning that only the criminals in Illinois are armed, while their victims are defenseless.

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