British Youth Gang Stabs Small Dog to Death, then Slashes Dog’s Disabled Owner with a Knife

As reported, a disabled British mother of three saw her Yorkshire terrier laying dead in a pool of blood outside her home.  Using her crutches, she went outside, where four young criminals were waiting.  The criminals, who had just killed her dog, forced her back into her home and attacked her with a knife.  She suffered numerous cuts, and had to be hospitalized.  The criminals appear to have done this purely for the sake of being violent, as no property was stolen from the woman or her home.  The police arrested a 13 year old boy, who is suspected of committing the attack, and an 18 year old suspected accomplice as well.

I’ve previously mentioned how guns enable the elderly to defend themselves against younger and physically stronger criminals, who would otherwise be able to physically overpower them.  Similarly, I’ve mentioned  how guns enable women to defend themselves, instead of being overpowered by physically stronger criminals.  The same is true for the disabled.  Had this woman been armed, she may have been able to defend herself against the gang members.  But instead, she was without a means of self defense, and the physically stronger criminals were able to brutally slash her with a knife.

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For years, the British have blamed guns for crime, and systematically barred citizens from having a gun for self defense purposes.  The few citizens who have kept their guns and used them to defend themselves against criminals have been treated worse than the very criminals who broke into their homes.  The BBC reported that handgun crime increased 40% in the two years after their handgun ban was enacted, but such facts didn’t deter anti gun crusaders like Pat Regan from pushing for more gun control.  More and more British citizens were gunned down while riding their bicycles ,walking down the street, or visiting a nightclub.  Time and time again, criminal were arrested for manufacturing illegal guns or smuggling guns into the country, only to have other criminals step up to void created as their predecessors are arrested.  Given the great deal of money that can be made supplying illegal guns to criminals, it there is no shortage of criminals willing to traffic in illegal arms.  In short, gun control just won’t work – unless criminals start obeying the law.  Luckily, some British citizens see the problem, and are working to regain their rights to gun ownership for self defense.

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When the law abiding are unarmed, as we saw here, the most violent and cruel members of society rule through force.  On the other hand, an armed society is a civilized one, where criminals are less able to prey upon the disabled, the old, and physically weak, since even an elderly, disabled, or physically weak person can (usually) fire a gun capable of stopping even the biggest and strongest criminal.