Concealed Carry Self Defense Caught on Video

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The video clip shown below is from a Columbus, Ohio motel’s security camera.  An armed robber entered the motel and threatened the people with a gun, while demanding money.  One of the clerks at the motel had a concealed carry permit, and was able to shoot the robber three times.  None of the innocent people were harmed, and the robber was first taken to the hospital, and then eventually to a jail cell.  This armed robbery had a much happier ending than is all to often the case when the victims are unarmed, especially when criminals turn out to be especially evil.

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  • Danny

    I saw this video posted in another gun blog. While the self-defense aspect is to be commended, the proximity of the shooter to the innocent bystanders was a major cause of concern. The three shots almost clipped the young girl had her mother had not pulled her away quickly enough. This was a stressful situation and the shooter could’ve experienced tunnel vision and failed to see the girl in his periphery. Thankfully, only the suspect was injured.


    Yeah, it does seem as though the CCW holder is shooting very close to the child. However I wonder if the camera angle makes it appear as though there is greater proximity than there really was…

  • Anders

    I think the child was at a “safe” distance. The camera angel makes it look closer.

    Any way…
    Ski mask $9.95
    Drugs/alcohol to steady nerves $5.45
    To get shoot over a few hundred bucks… priceless

  • J. Frank

    I totally support CCW, but not to armchair quaterback the guy, he should had waited til the situation escalated. Leaving enough time for a woman and child to move. A few seconds and a few feet can mean a world of difference. my 2 cents

  • Joe

    J. Frank- Should have waited until it escalated? Like what, waited until he killed someone first?

  • Chris

    The bad guy also got off a few shots which hit the wall behind the clerks and at least one in the ceiling. You can see the puff of plaster from the top of the frame. The clerk fired three rounds all of which hit the bad guy. The situation was already escalated as far as it needed to go since the bad guy had a gun which he was pointing at everyone in the room. The clerk was entirely within his right of self defense to shoot the bad guy and now the goon is in prison for armed robbery and attempted murder, the innocent bystanders are alive and the clerk still has his life and CCW permit. He is one of the millions of armed good citizens in this country who help to keep us all safe since the police cannot possibly be everywhere at once.