Another UK Gun Control Failure – James Oyebola Murdered Despite the Gun Ban

I’ve previously discussed the abject failure that is British gun control, and how some of that county’s law abiding citizens are trying to regain their gun rights. A recent conviction in a murder that was committed by a gun-ban-ignoring criminal further highlights the pointlessness of such anti gun rights laws:

Kanyanta Mulenga, 23, from Putney, UK reportedly shot James Oyebola in the neck and leg in July 2007 at Chateau 6, in Fulham in south-west London. Mr Oyebola, who was 46 years old, asked a group of men to politely stop smoking in the smoke free nightclub. In response, Mulenga fired four shots with a converted replica Baikal automatic pistol, fatally wounding the former boxer – and father of 2 young children.

Here we have a man who was murdered for politely asking some people who were breaking to the law to please stop doing so.  Being a law abiding citizen in a country that bans concealed carry, he had no gun of his own, and was left defenseless when a gun toting criminal decided to open fire.  Just as other people around the world have learned, bans on guns only serve to disarm the law abiding people who were not going to commit a crime in the first place.  The criminals who are willing to break the law against murder will be just as willing to break the law against gun possession, as we have seen time and time again in so-called “gun free zones“.  Whether they get their guns by getting stolen ones or purchasing on the black market, criminals will be armed by increasingly sophisticated illegal arms dealers.  Furthermore, criminals without gun can and do use other tools to kill many people.