British Bicycle Rider Gunned Down – Despite Strict Gun Control Laws

In another event which showcases the utter failure of strict gun control, a bicycle rider in the UK was shot and killed.

In Liverpool, a cyclist was shot and killed by a gunman who chased him through the streets, police said. Note that this happened in the UK, which has some of the strictest gun control measures around, virtually banning the private possession of guns. Yet these gun control laws, just like the laws against murder, are just one more law for criminals to ignore. Worse yet, in areas such as England where gun are kept out of the hands of law abiding citizens, the criminals know that they can kill with impunity, since the law abiding citizens are disarmed.

Contrast that with the situation in the most of the United States, where citizens can and do defend themselves with guns. These law abiding citizens who save their own lives range from store owners, to pregnant women, to ordinary home owners. In each case, a law abiding citizen was able to stop a criminal and protect their own life.

Sadly, when a law abiding citizen is killed by a gun toting criminal, the focus seems to be placed on the gun, rather than on the criminal and the need for self defense against such criminals. Anti gun groups call for more gun control, despite the fact that gun control simply doesn’t reduce crime.