Clothing Store Owner Kills Armed Robber in Self Defense

A robber with a handgun was killed in self defense by the owner of LT’s Clothing and Accessories, in Flint, MI.

Police say the robber entered LT’s Clothing and Accessories, which is located on the 3000 block of Clio Road, and pulled a gun on the owner. The owner was able to draw and fire his own gun in self defense, saving his own life and possibly the lives of other innocent people in the future.

The sad thing is that this law abiding store owner, who was minding his own business and just trying to make a living, will now have to wait and see whether the county prosecutor will charge him in this justified shooting. While it is likely that he will not face charges, since this was legitimate self defense, it must still be traumatic to be robbed, to have to kill another human in self defense, and then to await possible charges (which is why more states need a Castle Doctrine)