Urge Your Senator to Support Concealed Carry Reciprocity – Today!

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on July 20, 2009 at 12:01 am
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Below is a Gun Owners of America action alert regarding S. 845, a bill that would establish concealed carry reciprocity between the states.  This would do away with the unjust and complex rules that currently govern concealed carry across state lines.  Just as driver’s licenses, marriage licenses, and other matters are valid across state lines, concealed carry permits should be similarly respected between states.  A vote on this bill may occur as early as today, so please take a moment to take action:

A vote to protect your right to travel out-of-state with a firearm could come to a vote next week — even as early as Monday!

Senators John Thune and David Vitter are the sponsors of S. 845 — a bill that will establish concealed carry reciprocity amongst the several states.

Senators Thune and Vitter offered the bill as an amendment (#1618) to the Department of Defense authorization bill (H.R. 2647).

This provision will use the constitutional authority allowing Congress to enforce “full faith and credit” across the country, so that each state respects the “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings” of every other state (Article IV).

The benefit of the Thune/Vitter legislation is that — unlike other, competing measures — it would protect the right of any U.S. citizen to carry out of state (regardless of whether he possesses a permit), as long as he is authorized to carry in his home state. This is important because of states like Vermont and Alaska, where residents can carry concealed without prior approval or permission from the state… in other words, without a permit!

ACTION: Please urge your Senators to vote YES on the Thune/Vitter concealed carry reciprocity amendment that will be offered to the Department of Defense authorization bill and NO on any modifying amendments. This vote could come as early as Monday, so please act on this right away!

Take action now!

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