Reminder to Massachusetts Gun Owners: Vote Today!

Published by the Author on January 19, 2010 at 1:00 am > Gun Related News > Reminder to Massachusetts Gun Owners: Vote Today!

This is important enough that I feel compelled to post it two days in a row:

Today, January 19, 2010, Massachusetts is having a special election to fill the senate seat left empty by the late Senator Ted Kennedy.  The Republican candidate, Scott Brown, is a gun rights supporter who has an “A” grade from the NRA.  The Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, is an ardent opponent of gun rights who earned an “F” grade from the NRA.  Those NRA candidate grades can be seen here.

I would like to urge everyone in MA to vote on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.  The stakes are high for gun owners, given the extremely anti gun president, vice president, executive appointees, and senators which are currently in office.

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  • SithSnoopy

    Please, PLEASE run for President.


    I don’t care which party you run under, I will vote for you!

    • The Author

      Thank you

      Sadly, it will be another decade before I meet the age requirement:)

      • SithSnoopy

        So…. is that a yes? 😉

        Let’s see… 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020…

        2010 + 10… 2020.

        Will you turn 35 BEFORE the November 2019 elections??? 😉

        Hmph… can a person start campaigning prior to their 35th birthday??

        • The Author

          I will be 35 by election day 2019.

          I imagine that I’ll run for and be elected president shortly after pigs begin to fly 😀