Thank You Massachusetts Voters – Pro Gun Scott Brown Wins Senate Seat!

Published by the Author on January 19, 2010 at 9:58 pm > Gun Related News > Thank You Massachusetts Voters – Pro Gun Scott Brown Wins Senate Seat!

As reported, pro gun rights Republican Scott Brown defeated anti gun Democrat Martha Coakley. To recap, Scott Brown, is a gun rights supporter who has an “A” grade from the NRA.  The Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, is an ardent opponent of gun rights who earned an “F” grade from the NRA.

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  • Fabian

    I haven’t done enough research of my own to personally congratulate or disagree with Massachusett’s voters, but it does seem to me, that Scott Brown’s stance on gun rights is one advantage in a sea of disadvantages, so I can’t be too happy about the outcome. Well, maybe I’m just too pessimistic.

    • The Author

      What “disadvantages” do you see?

  • Fabian

    Being liberally minded, his stance on gay marriage for one, along with other traditional differences between my views and those of Republicans. But as I said, I haven’t done much research of my own, so I’m not going to claim he’s good or bad for the country (much less am I in a position to tell that of Massachusetts).

    • JR

      Good point, Fabian. I, like you, also look at political figures from more than just one or two, self-serving perspectives. I applaud his gun-rights and, sorry, gay marriage views but there are many other of his believes with that I disagree.

  • BasinBictory

    If something like this can happen in Massachusetts, perhaps California and Illinois voters aren’t as brain-dead as previously feared.

  • Bob Ireland

    Thanks to the Massachusetts voters from a Californian who wishes to move to Kentucky. You prevented a radical left, tax and spend, anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment Progressive from going to the District of Corruption. Scott seems to be a very good man and I believe he will work for all the people in this nation. You all did very good! The next thing you should do is replace Coakley and Kerry with someone who will protect your Constitutional Rights.