The Importance of Always Carrying

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Concealed carry enables law abiding citizens to legally carry a gun for self defense against violent criminals.  As case after case shows, having a gun puts a crime victim in the best position possible to defend themselves and their loved ones.  However, in order for concealed carry to be effective, one must actually carry their gun.  A recent case from Indianapolis, IN highlights that point:

The Indianapolis, IN case

As reported, at 10AM a suspect hit another car then fled at high speed, driving on the wrong side of the street to flee. The suspect then reportedly pulled in to a strip mall, struck 3 more cars, then jumped out of his vehicle while brandishing a pistol. The suspect is said to have pointed the gun at bystanders as well as firefighters, who were at the strip mall responding to a suspected natural gas leak. The suspect gun reportedly appears to have failed to fire, at which point the suspect fled on foot. Police are said to have arrested Adrian Hines, a 30 year old man who had reportedly just been released from prison after serving 7 years for drug distribution. Hines is said to face multiple felony charges, including being a violent felon in possession of a firearm.

Brian Presnell, one of the victims, reportedly stated “I wish I had my pistol. I left my pistol at home . . .  I’ve got my conceal and carry permit. I would have gave him something, for real. He was pointing his Tec-9 at me.”

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The lesson to be learned

Here, we had a concealed carry permit holder who ended up unarmed, at the time when he needed his gun the most.  As a result, he was defenseless when a convected felon allegedly rammed his car and then threatened his life with a gun.  Luckily, the attacker’s gun apparently failed to fire – however this could easily have ended in a much more tragic way.

The lesson to be taken from this incident is that violent crime can happen anywhere, and at any time.  As such, those of us with concealed carry permits would do well to carry to the fullest extent possible.  Having a gun, knowing how to skillfully use it for self defense, and having a permit to carry that gun are all important.  However leaving that gun at home for just once can render all that preparation moot.

Note: I am in no way trying to criticize Mr. Presnell for not carrying.  Carrying or not carrying is his choice.  Furthermore, I don’t know why he wasn’t carrying – perhaps he had just gone to a location where concealed carry was banned, forcing him to leave his gun at home for the entire trip. Instead, my point is only that having a concealed carry permit means nothing unless one actually actually exercises that right to carry.

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