Pizza Hut Employee Fatally Shoots 2 Armed Robbers

Published by the Author on October 3, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Pizza Hut Employee Fatally Shoots 2 Armed Robbers

As reported, a Pizza Hut employee used his gun to stop a pair of armed robbers:

Police say that the Pizza Hut employee, who had begun to carry a self defense gun after suffering 2 previous robberies, was in a Charlotte, NC Pizza Hut when two armed robbers entered the building.  During the course of the robbery, the employee reportedly drew and fired his handgun, striking each of the robbers and ending the attack.  Two suspects, reportedly identified as 21 year old Gregory James Hardy and 21 year old Dauntrae Wallace, died from their gunshot wounds.  According to news reports, both suspects were convicted felons.  No injuries to the Pizza Hut employees or any bystanders were reported.

Once again, we a case in which a law abiding citizen was able to use their self defense gun to stop violent criminals.  Sadly, Pizza Hut has a history of firing employees who have lawfully used a gun in self defense, as Pizza Hut has a policy of banning its employees from carrying guns (even when the employee is carrying a gun as allowed by state law). Hopefully, this case the many other cases in which a pizza restaurant employee has successfully defended themselves will cause Pizza Hut to rethink its misguided policy.

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