Lilburn, GA Homeowner Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, two criminals picked a house on the 3500 block of Bob Hannah Drive in unincorporated Liburn, GA to invade at about 5:15pm.  They repeatedly knocked on the door, and the home owner who could tell something wasn’t right got out his gun.  The men then kicked in the front door and proceeded to enter, at which point the home owner opened fire in self defense.  One of the home invading criminals was fatally wounded, and the other fled.  The home owner was not harmed, and police are searching for the other criminal.

Home invasions are a serious threat to the safety of those in the home, as criminals often murder, rape, kidnap, and otherwise harm their innocent victims.  Had this man not had a gun, it is almost certain that the police would not have been able to respond quickly enough, and few unarmed people can successfully fight off a pair of criminals by themselves.

Fortunately, this home owner was prepared,  able to defend himself, and also able to save his loved ones the emotional harm they could have suffered had he been killed or otherwise harmed.  This mans heroic actions in defending himself have also taken at least one criminal off the streets, likely saving many other people from the terror and potentially lethal threat that is a home invasion.