Iowa Residents: Contact your State Representatives About Pending Pro-Gun Bills

Published by the Author on January 26, 2016 at 1:17 am > Help Protect Our Gun Rights > Iowa Residents: Contact your State Representatives About Pending Pro-Gun Bills

The 2016 legislative session in Iowa has begun, and there are multiple pro-gun bills pending.  Iowa residents are urged to take a couple minutes to contact their elected officials today.

Emergency Protection Act – This bill would prohibit the confiscation of firearms, ammunition, and other Second Amendment rights during a “disaster emergency proclamation” or “public disorder” declared by the governor, or any other state official, or any community within the State of Iowa. In essence this bill would keep Hurricane Katrina style confiscation of firearms from happening in Iowa.

Hearing Protection Act – Iowa is one of just nine states in the entire country that prohibits its citizens from owning a firearms suppressor. Despite how they’re portrayed by Hollywood and gun control advocates suppressors do not silence a firearm. In reality they cut the noise signature of a gunshot by approximately 20-25%. While this doesn’t eliminate the noise of a gun shot (as many would have you believe) it does lower it enough that the ear damaging effects to the shooter and those around them are reduced by a significant margin. Many European countries require gun owners to own suppressors as a common courtesy to those around them.

Using the Iowa Firearms Coalition Legislative Action Center makes it easy to contact your Iowa elected officials.

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