Lets All Do Our Part to Support Gun Rights

As is readily apparent, those opposed to gun rights are  making full use of the the the Sandy Hook School Shooting and resulting public sentiment to enact pointless and wrongful anti-gun laws.  Now is the time for supporters of gun rights to take action.  That action should be at both the individual and group levels:

Individual action

1. Take a minute to write your elected officials.  Unless you speak up, your voice will not be heard.

2. Politely voice your support for gun rights when the matter is debated at at work, school, etc. (Obviously there are some situations where it would not be prudent to do so).

Group action

1. Join the NRA.

2. Join Gun Owners of America.

3. Join the Second Amendment Foundation.

4. Join the Illinois State Rifle Association.

5. Join the Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association.

6. Appear at pro gun rallies.

Some other little ways I’m trying to support gun rights at work

Last Friday, I gave an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons class after work at my law office.  One of my paralegals organized the class and filled out the certificates afterwards.  It was a fun end to the work week, and resulted in another 8 Iowa residents who will now have a Permit to Carry Weapons.  I’ve done several such classes since becoming an NRA instructor, and have never charged any money for the class since I find it to be too much fun.  At the end, I recommend that everyone join the NRA and become politically active in the gun rights field.

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I also encourage my employees to lawfully keep and bear arms at the office, and to obtain a Permit to Carry Weapons.  Those employees who choose to exercise that right receive a small monthly bonus.

We have occasionally taken office trips to the gun range.  Some of my employees have fired a handgun for the first time at one of those trips, and later gone on to get a Permit to Carry Weapons.