Belt Fed .22 Caliber Machine Gun Video Clip

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This video clip shows a scale model of the air cooled 1919A4 Browning machine gun, chambered for .22 long rifle cartridges.  This belt fed .22 caliber machine gun holds its ammunition in disintegrating nylon beltlinks that can be assembled, disassembled, and reused.  It is a rather interesting project for sure.

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  • Leonard

    Hi, where can I get the 22 long kit.


  • jason phillips

    i love the mini machine guns who sells them and how much are they thanks jason

  • deonte burks

    hi,where can i buy one and for how much? email back.

  • Herrbaggs

    If you decide to get one you will need about 50000.00 dollars for your defense attorney, up to a quarter million in fines and about ten to fifteen years of spare time to practice putting Vaseline where the sun don’t shine.

  • Brad Meereld

    Where can I get one of these? Is this a kit or pre-built? Please reply. Thanks!

  • Chris

    Nice little mini-machine gun. Mossy Creek Custom comes to mind. Automatic weapon ownership is legal in most states with nothing more than paying the transfer tax on the purchace. A fully automatic rifles/guns can be legally purchaced, including taxes, for as little as $8K. The web is full of sites…

  • bob

    u can get them at

    they are made only a few a year so probably 2 or 3 a year. price is around 3000.00+ pretty pricey for a little .22LR lol