My Response to a Comment on the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

In response to my article “The Misguided Push for Gun Control After the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack” a comment was left by naksuthin, in which he or she argues that the fact the attackers didn’t use machine guns supports the idea that gun control works. I respectfully disagree, for the reasons discussed below.

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“Exciting new way of cooking Bacon (with pictures)”

Below is a post from Reddit that I found to be entertaining enough to repost here.  It involves bacon and a machine gun:

I’ve discovered a new way of cooking bacon. All you need is: bacon, tin foil, some string, and.. oh whats it called?… oh yeah, an old worn out 7.62mm machinegun that is about to be discarded, and about 200 rounds of ammunition.

You start by wrapping the barrel in tin foil. Then you wrap bacon around it, and tie it down with some string.

you then wrap some more tin foil around it, and once again tie it down with string.

It is now ready to be inserted into the cooking device. I ripped the tin foil a little bit getting the barrel inserted. that part of the bacon got severely burned by hot gasses.

After just a few short bursts you should be able to smell the wonderful aroma of bacon.

I gave this about 250 rounds. but I think around 150 might actually be enough. But then again I don’t mind when bacon is crispy. Ahh the smell of sizzling bacon mixed with the smell of gunpowder and weapon oil.

And the end result: Crispy delicious well done bacon.

NRA Video: The Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico

The video clip shown below discusses the myth that America’s gun owners are responsible for the drug cartel related violence in Mexico.  In particular, the unfounded but widely repeated statement that 90% of the guns used in Mexican violence can be traced to the United States is debunked:

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Guns, Drugs, and Mexico

For the last few months, I’ve been meaning to write an article discussing the drug-related violence in Mexico, but hadn’t gotten around to doing so.  My goal was to debunk the myth that US guns and gun owners are to blame for the violence in Mexico, and to discuss the inherent problems with our war on drugs.  However a recent article on does an excellent job doing both, so I’ll encourage everyone to read that article.

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Another Case of Anti Gun Hypocrisy: T.I.

The attempt at depriving law abiding citizens of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms is often led by hypocritical people, who wish to have guns for their own defense, while denying that right to others.  A recent example of such hypocrisy involves T.I., a rapper who has violated gun laws (and other laws) for years, and is now sponsoring an anti gun rally, right before he goes to prison for violating gun control laws himself.

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Armed Guards Stop Pirate Attack

As reported, Somali pirates attempted to hijack the Melody, an Italian cruise ship carrying about 1500 passengers and crew.  The pirates opened fire with machine rifles as they attacked during the night.  The Israeli security team returned fire with pistols and water hoses, repelling the pirates.  None of the ship’s passengers or crew where harmed, and the cruise ship escaped.  The pirates were later apprehended by the Seychelles coast guard.

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An Often Overlooked Benefit of Armed Citizens Stopping Crime

I’ve previously mentioned that armed US citizens are 5.5 times less likely to shoot the wrong person, compared to the police.  That is one of the many reasons why I am in favor of armed citizens defending themselves, as stopping the criminal right then and there reduces the risk that the police will end up shooting the wrong person while pursuing the criminal.  A recent example from Germany reinforces this point:

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Another Reason Gun Bans Will Never Work – Illegal Arms Market Video Clip

The video clip below shows an illegal arms market in Pakistan, where firearms and ammunition are actually manufactured and then sold.  Those who think that banning guns will work should keep in mind that the people in this gun market are able to produce machine guns and ammunition using technology that is quite primitive by American standards.

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UK Criminal Jailed for Supplying Machine Guns To Gangs

As reported, a man who ran an illegal arms factory converting replica submachine guns into lethal weapons was today sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 11 years. I’m glad to see the British police have stopped a man who was intentionally helping equip gangs with automatic weapons, but this also shows that gun control laws just don’t work:

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Metal Storm Video Clip

This video clip shows a variety of fully automatic firearms from Metal Storm Ltd, a research company that specializes in electronically fired, stacked projectile weapon technology.  The cartridges are lined up one after the other in gun’s barrel, and fired by an electrical signal.  The rate of fire can exceed 1,000,000 rounds per minute.  My favorite is actually a Metal Storm handgun, which fires 3 rounds in rapid succession – before the gun recoils from the first round!

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Belt Fed .22 Caliber Machine Gun Video Clip

This video clip shows a scale model of the air cooled 1919A4 Browning machine gun, chambered for .22 long rifle cartridges.  This belt fed .22 caliber machine gun holds its ammunition in disintegrating nylon beltlinks that can be assembled, disassembled, and reused.  It is a rather interesting project for sure.

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