Armed Guards Stop Pirate Attack

As reported, Somali pirates attempted to hijack the Melody, an Italian cruise ship carrying about 1500 passengers and crew.  The pirates opened fire with machine rifles as they attacked during the night.  The Israeli security team returned fire with pistols and water hoses, repelling the pirates.  None of the ship’s passengers or crew where harmed, and the cruise ship escaped.  The pirates were later apprehended by the Seychelles coast guard.

I’ve previously discussed the problem of modern day piracy, and how it shows the need to arm crews for self defense.  Here, even against pirates with automatic weapons, the crew was able to fend off the pirates using only pistols and water hoses.  As a result, the cruise liners 1500 people were unharmed, and even able to continue their vacations, rather than facing the deadly threat of being held hostage for an indefinite period of time.  Guns save lives, on the high seas as well as on American streets and in American homes.