Sarah Palin Firing A Rifle Video Clip

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A video clip showing John McCain‘s runing mate Sarah Palin firing a so-called “assault weapon“:

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  • George Farr

    Like Sarah /she is agood example for people & families

  • Don DeLong

    I believe that the gun, that the powers that be do not want us to have, is in fact the only remaining free right that we have. I believe that the only power that this so called government has is its guns. We have the right to bear arms, actually it is our responsibility to bear arms, to see to it that our rights are not infringed upon, think about it people, then go learn how to use a gun then by it and wear it where ever you go. You may one day save your life, or that of another fellow citizen. Freedom is not free, it takes all of us to be on guard, that no one takes from you or yours any rights. I believe that if all the bad guys out there knew that we were all armed and ready to use our weapons, there would be a lot less crime. That also means that the Government would stay out of our lives, and leave us alone, also they would be very careful of the laws that they passed. All you Texans, sign this petition: