Armed Chicago Resident Fatally Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

Published by the Author on August 5, 2018 at 2:06 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Chicago Resident Fatally Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

A resident of Chicago’s Gage Park neighborhood used their gun in self defense to stop a nighttime home invader:

Police say that a man in his 40’s attempted to break into a home on the 5700 block of South California Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  A resident used their gun in self defense, wounding the intruder and putting a stop to the home invasion attempt, according to news reports.  When police arrived, they are said to have found the suspect with a gunshot wound to the neck, which proved fatal shortly thereafter.  No injuries to the occupants of the home were reported by the news.


Home invasions are a deadly threat to the occupants of a home.  The criminals who commit such crimes often murdershootstabtorturekidnap, and permanently injure their victims.  The result is that the lives of law abiding, innocent people can be ended or ruined in an instant, all because of a criminal’s desire to make a quick buck.  Fortunately, this Chicago resident was prepared to act in self defense.  One can only imagine how this would have played out if the Chicago handgun ban had not been struck down a decade ago.

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