Philadelphia, PA Sporting Goods Business Owner Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on November 3, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Philadelphia, PA Sporting Goods Business Owner Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a sporting goods store owner used his gun to stop an armed robber:

Police say that just before 1:00 PM, an armed robber who was about 25 years in age entered Tops Sportswear in North Philadelphia.  After being threatened by the robber, the owner of the store is said to have grabbed his gun and fired two shots, striking the robber and ending the attack.  A suspect, whose identity has not yet been released, was taken to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead, according to news reports.  No injuries to the store owner were reported.

Armed robberies are a deadly threat for the employees and patrons of a business.  Had this business owner been unarmed, he could have ended up seriously harmed – like this deli owner, this bakery worker, this man, or this woman, as criminals often harm even those victims who fully cooperate.  The same is often true for those robbery victims who try to run away, as this man sadly learned.  Luckily, this business owner was armed, and as a result was able to defend himself against this violent robbery attempt. As this and countless other cases demonstrate, armed self defense works.

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  • outdoors

    it is a shame that a 25 year old man had to be shot because of one bad choice.:(

    • Security

      Without a job, education, or stable future; this 25 year old man may not have had any other choice but to commit robbery. This nation is in the tank and the bottom has not yet been reached. The worst is still yet to come. Arming yourselves and being prepared for the onslaught is the best choice anyone can make.