Irrational Fear Over Pictures of Guns

As I mentioned last week, my girlfriend created a gun cake at work.  It turns out that when she walked in to work with the pictures of guns printed on paper, two of her coworkers expressed fear and concern over the pictures.  How a picture of a gun can be scary is beyond me, but apparently this is nothing new:

The summer before last, a 13 year old Payne Junior High School student in Queen Creek, Arizona was suspended for 5 days after drawing a (rather crude) picture of a gun.  The picture was in no way threatening, and even included 3 smiley faces.  In fact, had I not known that this was a picture of a gun, I could see it being a house or perhaps a B-2 stealth bomber.

I find it amazing that some people actually fear a picture of a gun, especially a child’s crude drawing, where there is absolutely no threat of violence.  Pictures of guns don’t harm anyone.  Even real guns do no harm, absent the intentional or negligent actions of a human.  I can only chock this up to hoplophobia