Armed Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint Until the Police Arrive

Published by the Author on April 21, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint Until the Police Arrive

As reported, a DeLand, Florida homeowner reportedly used his handgun to stop and detain a burglar until the police arrived.

Police say that the homeowner, his wife, and their 18 month old son were driving home when they noticed an intruder’s legs dangling from a window, which had been broken with a brick.  The homeowner, who has a concealed carry permit, reportedly pulled into his yard, grabbed his .44 Magnum revolver from his his car, ran to the window, and ordered the intruder to freeze, while firing a warning shot into the ground.  The intruder is said to have laid on the ground, at which point the homeowner held him down until the police arrived.  A suspect, reportedly identified as 16 year old Jarrett Holloman, was arrested and charged with burglary, according to police, and no injuries were reported.

Here we have yet another case where a concealed carry permit holder was able to use their gun to stop an in-progress crime.  Thanks to this homeowner’s quick thinking and gun ownership, a suspect is in custody and no one – not even the alleged burglar – was harmed.

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  • Robert

    This seems like a perfect use of a gun for defense. Nobody was hurt and the criminal was caught.