Armed Grandmother Shoots a Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, a 69 year old grandmother used her handgun to stop an early-morning home invader:

Police say that the elderly woman was in the bathroom of her Decatur, Alabama home at about 3 AM when she heard someone try to enter through the back door, the the front door, of her home.  After failing to gain entry through those doors, the intruder is said to have ripped a window air conditioner out from a window then crawled through the opening, making his way inside the woman’s home.  When the intruder advanced upon the elderly lady, she fired her .38 revolver in self defense, striking the home invader and causing him to flee while screaming, leaving her unharmed, police say.  A suspect, reportedly identified as 18 year old Michael Bynum, was reportedly apprehended at a local hospital where he was seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to the stomach, according to news reports, and 2nd degree burglary charges are said to be expected.

It is a sad fact that criminals prey on senior citizens, seeing them as easy targets. Unarmed senior citizens can often be overpowered by even a single young criminal who is stronger and faster, and as a result may suffer greatly in their own home.

However, when senior citizens are armed for self defense, they are in the best position possible to defend themselves. A few examples illustrate this point: This armed 85 year old woman held a home invader at gunpoint, and made him call the police on himself. This armed 93 year old man shot a home invader in self defense after the home invader began to attack him. This armed 70 year old woman held an intruder at gunpoint until the police arrived to arrest him. This armed 91 year old man used his handgun to fend off two home invader who had broken in and threatened his wheelchair-bound wife with their guns. This armed 84 year old man used his handgun to stop a criminal who repeatedly tried to enter his home through the front door, back door, and a window. I could go on with more examples, but the point should be clear: armed self defense is a senior citizen’s best chance at stopping a younger and stronger criminal.