More Oak Park Criminals With Handguns – despite the handgun ban

The village of Oak Park, IL has had a handgun ban for almost as long as this author has been alive. Despite this ban, under which citizens have been prosecuted for defending themselves against criminals, criminals continue to commit armed robberies just about every week.  This last week was no exception:

A 42-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint on Austin Boulevard Wednesday night, Aug. 27. Oak Park police say the man was likely the third victim of a gunman who had pulled two other robberies on the West Side of Chicago earlier that night.The victim had gotten off the CTA Green Line at Austin and was walking south toward Washington Boulevard when he heard someone running up behind him. The assailant then pulled out a silver semiautomatic pistol and demanded money. The man was robbed of his wallet, which contained his credit cards and IDs.

Oak Park’s handgun ban is ignored by the criminals who use guns to commit crimes, and leaves the crime victims vulnerable.