Fort Worth, TX Home Invaders Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a Fort Worth, TX man used his gun to fend off a pair of home invaders who kicked in his front door and rushed inside.

Police say that at about 11:30AM, two men jumped out of a slowly moving Ford Explorer then kicked in the front door of a home on the 4400 block of Shackleford St.  The resident, whose home had been repeatedly burglarized and vandalized by gang graffiti, grabbed his self defense gun.  The homeowner reportedly opened fire on the intruders, fatally wounding one and seriously injuring the other.  The homeowner was unharmed, and the surviving suspect was taken to a local hospital.  Police believe the same two home invaders may have been behind another burglary attempt that morning, which ended when that homeowner opened fire on the burglars and they fled in a similar-looking Ford Explorer.

Criminals often work in groups, using superior numbers to overwhelm their victims.  When that happens, even the strongest unarmed victims can be overpowered by the numerically superior criminals.

When that crime victim is armed for self defense, things can be quite different.  One of the best things about firearms is that they allow a single crime victim to successfully defend themselves against multiple attackers.  Here, this homeowner gun to fend off 2 attackers.  Similarly, this man used his handgun to defend himself against 3 violent men who broke into his apartment.  This business owner used his shotgun to stop 4 armed robbers who where pistol whipping an employee and threatening the lives of everyone present.  This mother used her handgun to defend herself and her young children from a pair of home invading prison escapees.  This woman used her gun to fend off 4 home invaders.  This man used his gun to save himself and his wife from 4 armed robbers.  This 91 year old man used his gun to save himself and his wheelchair bound wife from a pair of armed criminals who broke in to their home.  Armed self defense works, and is often a crime victim’s best chance at avoiding harm.