Insight XTI Procyon Tactical Light Review

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Below is my review of the Insight XTI Procyon tactical light (which is LED based):

Insight XTI Procyon Tactical Light

The Insight XTI Procyon is a tactical light designed to mount on the accessory rail.  The light is provided by an LED, and the housing is made of anodized aluminum.  The XTI Procyon is water resistant to 15 feet, which is more than deep enough as I would not take a pistol SCUBA diving :)

As mentioned above, the light is provided by a 125 lumen LED.  This means the battery life is excellent (90 minutes), and the light is a very pure and very cool white.  The edges of the light are also very well defined.  Like the Streamlight TLR2, the Insight XTI Procyon is not brighter than the brightest incandescent lights, but it is more than bright enough.  The light has three settings: off, on, and strobe.  Also, since this is an LED powered light, considerably less heat is generated.  This puts me at ease, as I’ve seen a high powered incandescent light start a fire when accidentally left on while touching paper.

Build Quality
For a light whose price is this low, I was surprised by the build quality.  The anodized aluminum housing seems sturdy, and I’m glad to see it is water proof (although I have yet to ever get a pistol wet).  The fact that this tactical light uses an LED means that there is no fragile bulb to break – in fact all the components are solid state. The Insight XTI Procyon comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

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I am rather impressed with the Insight XTI Procyon, especially given its price although I still prefer the Streamlight TLR2 as my all time favorite tactical light.

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