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As I mentioned previously, I received an email from a reader of this site, discussing the Taurus Judge. The Taurus Judge is a unique revolver which can fire either a .45 Long Colt cartridge, or a .410 shotgun shell. I have handled the Taurus Judge, and it seems to be a well constructed revolver. I won’t go into a full review of it, since my main focus is its ability to fire .410 shotgun shells in addition to the .45 Long Colt rounds.

Taurus Judge

Using Birdshot with the Taurus Judge for Self Defense
In the limited scenarios I previously mentioned, birdshot in the Taurus Judge might be an acceptable choice for a self defense load. However I think these situations are indeed pretty limited. Birdshot lacks the ability to penetrate deeply enough to reach an attacker’s vital organs, which is the only reliable way of stopping the attacker before it is too late.

Using Buckshot with the Taurus Judge for Self Defense
The 2 or 3 00 Buckshot pellets which would fit in a .410 shotgun shell, when fired out of the relatively short barrel of the Taurus Judge, will simply not penetrate the way that 00 Buckshot from a “normal” shotgun would. The Box-O-Truth demonstrates this limited penetration potential. Additionally, having only a couple buckshot pellets means that the normal benefits of a shotgun, namely a greater chance that some of the pellets will find a vital organ and stop the attacker, are not present.

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Using .410 Shotgun Slugs with the Taurus Judge for Self Defense
I would strongly recommend against using a .410 shotgun slug in the Taurus Judge for self defense. The .410 slug is considerably less effective than a .45 Long Colt cartridge, as shown here.

Using .45 Long Colt Cartridges with the Taurus Judge for Self Defense
The .45 Long Colt seems to be the best self defense option for the Taurus Judge. Of the many loads available for the Judge, only the .45 Long Colt will reliably penetrate deeply enough to stop an attacker. This is not very surprising, given the limited power or a .410 shotgun shell, and the lower velocities achieved when a shot shell is fired through the 3″ barrel of a Taurus Judge, compared with the 18+” barrel of a shotgun.

Overall I would say the Taurus Judge is a unique and nice firearm. I think that outside certain unique circumstances, birdshot is not the proper ammunition for self defense, and that for the Taurus Judge, the .45 Long Colt is generally the best option. Outside the self defense scenario, birdshot or buckshot may be viable loads for the Taurus Judge.

The Taurus Judge can be purchased online here

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  • Allan Boudin


    How far will a 45 LC travel shooting from a Taurus Judege with a 3" barrel?




    Any bullet will be deadly for a long distance, perhaps thousands of feet at the very least. Of course, it is virtually impossible to accurately hit anything at such ranges when using a handgun.

  • Anders

    The bullet will have plenty of energy to kill at 500 yards and beyond, don't take any chances, have a good back stop and know what is down range.

    I need the actual muzzle velocity, bullet weight and bullet type, ballistic coefficient, I can brake it down for you.

    I got to send a link to a friend of mine that thinks the 410 is a great SD load.

  • toni

    I have a judge with a 6.5″ barrel.WHY would anyone buy one that was less.dah

  • willy

    taurus only makesa 3 4 and 6 inch barrel. never heard of a 6.5inch barrel unless it’s one that a distributor made up!!

  • willy

    i have a judge with a 3inch barrel and it shoots 3inch 410shells. the judge is a gun that was made for self defense and shooting snakes and also the 3inch barrel makes more easy to carry!!

  • Angie

    I’m intimidated by shotguns, so someone suggested this as a great alternative. I heard the same comments about it today in a gun store… not being effective enough for self defense. Does that mean that if you buy The Judge with the 6″ barrel, rather than the 3″, it’s a good choice if you don’t want a shotgun? If so… what ammo? It’s to be kept in a house, and used strictly in case of home invasion. If I’m at the end of a 25′ hall, can I use it at that distance and expect it to hit vital organs? Thanks!



    For self defense purposes, the Judge is only useful if loaded with .45 Long Colt bullets (don’t use buckshot, birdshot, or slugs).

    In my humble opinion, you should get used to a regular shotgun. The low recoil shells will help you, and a shotgun is just so much more effective than any handgun that it is worth the effort to get used to it.

    • Harry J Reeves

      Your opinion is beyond humble it it is totally incorrect. Try and imagine their is someone behind you with a weapon or you have been knocked to the ground. Do you really believe that you are going to put a lethal round in them before they unload on you. That shot gun you are so fond of may well be on its way to where the sun don't shine. Now as you are beginning to realize your predicament you should regain your composure as you put a two or three round volley of bird shot in the face of your adversary. This can be accomplished by aiming in the general direction and rapidly pulling on that little metal thing beneath the frame. If he is not dead he will with out a doubt wish he was. I might ad a ballistics vest might help.

  • Angie Little

    Hmmm. I just got back from Guns & Ammo this afternoon, and was told this IS a great gun for what I described. He said it won’t KILL someone, but if you shot an intruder at that range with buckshot, you will certain wound them badly enough that they are not going to keep coming… and if they did and you shot the 2nd time, you surely would wound them badly enough to make them run… if they are still able to get up.

    I have more reasons for not wanting the shotgun… partly my 4 1/2 year old grandchild that is here most of the time. I don’t want to deal with the sheer SIZE of a shotgun. with the 6″ JUDGE, it would be no problem to keep it from her. I’m just not going to do a shotgun. we have nothing at this point, other than my handgun.

    I DO think as I take more and more training with my handgun, I’ll feel better about how I’ll react during a home invasion. When I’m more confident with that, I’d definitely load it with the .45 Long Colt bullets. But until then, I thought using the other ammo with the Judge would come close to being as effective as a shotgun, without the need for quite the accuracy.

    Please know I’m not trying to be argumentative, but rather to further explain my situation and what I was told today. I value everyone’s opinion, and from what I see, they are varied. I’m hoping for someone to convince me of the right thing to do.

    Otherwise, there seems to be no other handgun that bridges that gap between handgun and shotgun.

    Again, appreciate your answers. Angie

    • Harry J Reeves

      Angie little you are so correct it brings tears of joy to my eyes. My wife does this little stunt. She puts a target about 25 feet behind her and puts the target at her back, picks the gun off a bench, twists her head to look behind her swings it under her left arm pit and fires three times as fast as possible she has yet to fail putting 35 or more painful holes in the target. Good hunting!

  • Angie Little

    Sorry for the 2nd post, but I went back to read the article here about the JUDGE. Does it make any difference that we are looking at the 6″ barrel Judge, not the 3″? I looked at both today, and the 6″ was pretty impressive. Just wondered what the differences in effectiveness of the birdshot/ buckshot/ and both types of .410 ammo will be versus the 3″. I KNOW the best is the .45 Long Colt.

    Thanks again, Ang



    The only load that is truly effective for self defense with the Judge, regardless of whether you have a 3″ or 6″ barrel, is the .45 long colt bullet. Neither buckshot nor birdshot nor slugs are adequate with the judge. I would take Judge loaded with birdshot or buckshot over a pointy stick for self defense, but that is about it. I really hope you take this to heart, and don’t end up trying to defend yourself with an inadequate tool. If you don’t believe me, perhaps these gentlemen and their ballistic testing will be more persuasive:

    Also, I would like to stress that shooting to wound is not a good idea. I discuss the reason behind this in the second paragraph on this page: as well as the second paragraph on this page:

    Which gun you choose and what you load it with is, of course, up to you. I offer the above suggestions only in an attempt to help.

    • Harry J Reeves

      You do not shoot to wound or to kill. You shoot to inflict as much pain as possible to deter them instantly from their misadventure. You may then at your discretion beat them to death with the your gun butt and the judge has one heavy butt.

    • ellen

      Are you nuts? Would you like to volunteer to stand 25 feet from me and see how much buckshot would hurt? Get real. The judge gets its name from "Judges" that rely on this gun for their protection in a courtroom. Enought said?

  • Angie Little

    Oh, no, I REALLY DO appreciate your additional info. It’s very disconcerting when you get such huge swings in opinion. And, of course, everyone passionately believes they are right. I will check it out, and add a thought I had last night about it all.

    BTW, I added the comment about the 6″ barrel because MOST of the reviews/comments I’ve read online about the possible inability of the buckshot to penetrate was attributed to the short barrel length, and they were using a 3″.

    Love the comment about the stick. I learned in the the two training classes I took about how ludicrous it is to try to “wound,” rather than attempt to kill, when it’s your life against theirs. To me THAT issue is a “duh” one. I think I just wanted so badly for this to be a good choice, that I wanted to believe it would be adequate. Although I am planning to take a lot of training, I’m aware that crime doesn’t wait for me to become a good marksman. This is the reason I wanted the Judge… after being told… “Same basic result, none of the negatives you feel toward the shotgun.” Most of that was making up for possible inaccuracy.

    Here’s what I thought of last night; it concerns my marksmanship. I did great a couple of years ago in my original training class. Training with a 9mm Glock, I impressed even myself. However, having a very weak wrist [pushing 60 and things are getting weaker, not stronger. :) ], I had trouble handling the Glock when loading it. For some reason, I just didn’t buy a firearm at that time. Took me 2 years to become fearful enough to say I have to get more training and arm myself. I’m in Memphis, and the home invasion rate is over the top.

    After handling [not very successfully] a Glock this time, I gravitated over to the revolvers. I wasn’t terrible in accuracy, but it was enough to cause me concern. The lighter weight revolvers I THOUGHT were allowing the recoil to affect my accuracy. That’s when I discovered the Crimson Trace. Shooting with and without it was amazing. It boosted my confidence tremendously! I ended up buying a S&W 442 about a week ago, and I’m really impressed with the difference in my accuracy with the laser. I DO have some problems with my vision, so the Laser — at distances — just made all the difference.

    So, when the issue came up with the Judge, you can see more of why I wanted to get one. I was concerned about the accuracy of using it with the .45 Long Colts. I wanted to think I could have the “shotgun mindset” that you don’t have to be so concerned that you are aiming perfectly in a very stressful situation, possibly in the dark and half asleep. It sounds like I need to go ahead and get the Judge, load it with the .45 Long Colts and keep training. MEANWHILE, do you have any GUESS as to how long it will take them to add the Crimson Trace option for that gun?

    Now, I apologize for the length of this post, but I’m writing all of my thoughts hoping some others may read it and possibly get some ADDITIONAL education on your website. In my situation, you probably DID save me from a possible bad scenario. You KNOW there are all kinds of people “out there” who are getting the same arguments as me about the Judge. So, forgive the blithering and long comments. I think YOU rock, and I’m thankful I chose this forum to ask questions. You’d be surprised how many I’ve been on that have been condescending when someone pushes about a point … genuinely questioning the different opinions out there.

    I will leave it all at that, even though I will, but haven’t yet read your links above. And to be honest, I’m going to print out some of this and take it to ALL THREE gun dealers here that were in on the conversations. You apparently have some testing results, and that’s what I’m going to share, along with the url of this forum. I would hope that it will help them to give more accurate information. At the very LEAST, it will point some buyers here to ask their own questions. If you were close, my husband & I would take you to lunch to thank you for your time.

    Warmest regards,
    Angie Any ideas about the Crimson Trace for the Judge? :)

  • Angie Little

    Wow. I AM impressed with the review you did. I think this link will get you to the 1st page of it, rather than the 4th:

    Now, you’ve given me another question to ask. You said concerning the Colt ammo, “It penetrated 5 jugs, or equal to 15 inches of BG. Plenty of penetration, but the expansion was not very good, a problem with this particular bullet.”

    Other than the obvious, which I don’t want to hear… GET A SHOTGUN… does the lack of expansion mean I should reconsider the JUDGE, EVEN with the .45 Long Colts?

    Okay, here is another question for you. Is there another weapon that is somewhat “like” a shotgun, but one I don’t have to put to my shoulder and get the recoil, etc? I have seen firearms that look like shotguns but are shorter and shot from a different position than you use with a shotgun.

    I hope you aren’t rolling your eyes at that comment. But really! I do still have to consider being careful about how the ammo could penetrate walls into other bedrooms… so I don’t want to look like The Terminator or anything. I think you know what I mean.

    I will look forward to hearing what you have to say.




    Just to be clear, the Box O’ Truth review of the Judge was done by the authors of that site, not by me (I don’t want to be unfairly given credit for their great work which I had nothing to do with).

    Regarding the lack of expansion of that particular .45 long colt bullet, they were just saying that the particular round they chose didn’t expand very well. Better .45 long colt bullets will expand just fine.

    Regarding overpenetration, pretty much any bullet that is going to be effective against a human attacker will also go sailing right through interior walls of a house. That is because a bullet that can go through human bone and tissue can also penetrate the rather flimsy materials that make up the interior walls of most homes. Use hollow points, aim well, and know what is behind your target to mitigate this risk of injury to others. Given the life or death danger of a home invasion, property damage really shouldn’t be a concern.

    You still need to aim with a shotgun. Shotguns are not some magic cure-all for a home invasion that will allow you to send a wall of lead down your hallway. The multiple projectiles fired by a shotgun can help, of course, but you still need to aim and be a good shot.

    The laws of physics won’t let you have your cake and eat it too. That means that if you want the power of shotgun, then you have to take the drawbacks (size and recoil) too. There is really no way around this.

    • Harry J Reeves

      I have 4 judges and live on fifty acres. I built a pistol range for my wife and I to practice. The report that bucket of truth made is total misinformation. In fact most of the comments I read on self defense with pistols has nothing to do with the real world. Bullets miss and are seldom instantly lethal. I find target shooting mind numbingly boring, so I do very little of it. Our shooting consists of a 12 by 12 target hung at about 25 or thirty feet. We lay the judge on the hood of the truck our back to the target. Grab the judge turn a quarter turn and fire three times under the left arm, all in less than 2 seconds. The target will have more holes that you would want to count. Think face, pain is the greatest deterrent god ever created. I could be wrong.

  • Harry Cartwright

    The Taurus Judge is a Jack of All Trades kind

    of firearm. If its user can understand and

    accept it's capabilities/limitations they he

    or she is in business.

    Jack of All Trade? Sure, I hunt small game with 22 rifle or shotgun, when a deer that

    happens to be in season shows up. Let's see

    I can use this economical firearm that although it may not be the straightest shooting like a weapon chosen for a specific

    application, but I sure can bag a deer in the

    range a Judge is effective. I have back, knee

    and shoulder problems. Not only is the Judge

    a great solution understanding its limitations concering range, but I also find it more fun

    as it developes my skill to move more quietly in the woods.

  • Harry Cartwright

    Birdshot is a projectile effective for soft tissue. The video demonstration of the car-

    jacking makes it obviously clear how effective it would be. This is not to mention the

    neck/troat, groin, knee cap, shin, ankle, and


    A Judge owner must understand the capabilities

    and limitations of each type of type of ammo

    used under any given circumstance to be happy

    and satisfied with a Judge.

  • Joe

    I own several guns, but for home defense I keep a large can of bear spray near my bed. I don't have to worry about over-penetration or missing the intruder. I don't have anything against using guns for home defense, and I have nothing against killing intruders (they deserve it), but I feel safer and more confident with my bear spray than I would with a gun. That thing sprays up to 30 feet, like a fire extinguisher, and if it's strong enough to deter a grizzly I think it would probably be pretty effective against a human. I was also thinking it might help Angie with her self defense problem.

    I am curious what you guys think of my choice, does anybody think I am making a huge mistake?

    • Harry J Reeves

      I have used it. You had better hope it stops them because it is going to completely disable you.



    I think pepper spray certainly has its place, but I would not rely on it for home defense. My thoughts on the matter can be seen here:

  • Joe

    Learn About Guns,

    Thanks for the reply, I read your article and chuckled at the college story. However, it seemed like it was talking about regular pepper spray, and not Bear spray, which is much more powerful than the little cans ladies carry around in their purses. It will deter a grizzly bear! If I was more confident in my marksmanship I would use a gun, but I know I am no James Bond.



    Even if "bear spray" is stronger, it still acts upon the attacker using the same chemical mechanisms as pepper spray. Given that fact, I think that the same concerns about pepper spray still apply. A person sprayed with it can still swing their knife/crowbar or and can still fire their gun, even if their aim is effected by being blinded and in pain. Also I would worry that you would get covered in the bear spray yourself, given the close quarters and potential to have the person make contact with you.

    Also, I don't think that an bear attack is really that comparable with an attack by a human criminal. Human minds and bear minds are different, and a bear might be more willing to give up. I've heard of bears breaking off an attack when a person uses their jacket to look larger, while I have yet to hear of an armed robbery being halted in that manner…

    It is, of course, your choice what to use for home defense, but I wouldn't rely on pepper spray of any strength when it comes to my life, especially since it is easy to become proficient with a home defense shotgun.

  • Harry Cartwright

    Living in Michigan and owning a Judge leads

    one to have to make specific decision with

    regards of unsing this particular weapon for

    SD. The 000 buck from either a 2 1/2" or 3"

    shell as well as buckshot may not work in a

    scenario involving an intruder in the house.

    For example, an intruder in the house in the

    cooler weather might be expected to wear heavy

    clothing, especially leather,that may limit the effectiveness of of these particular


    For the cooler weather, I believe the Horn-

    ady "Leverevolution" for 45Colt may be the

    best solution. Hollow points can get clogged

    by clothing, however, the Leverevolution,

    plastic tip prevents that and allows uninter-

    upted penetration and expansion. At 960 fps,

    this presents a consideration for cold weather


    Of course, the warmer weather as we're now

    beginning to experience, can make the afore-

    mentioned ammo quite effective – within their


    • Harry J Reeves

      Think 4 or smaller aimed at the face, 35 ft or less, you can't miss. The pain is unthinkable. Shooting at some one farther away could open you up for homicide charges.

  • Michael Moriarty

    I own a Judge with the 3" barrel. I carry 2 shotshells and 3 Long Colts. As a camp/field gun, the shotshells are excellent on snakes (I do try to move out of the critter's area, but sometimes you just can't.) If larger predators (cougar) decide I'm the evening meal, I just keep shooting through to the .45s.

    As a CCW, the Judge is loaded the same way. The target area of a carjacker as presented from a car window is upper chest neck/throat/jaw. Soft areas a .410 shotshell will provide stopping power to, at a range of 1 to 3 feet (Think of sitting in your car as the armed carjacket is threatening you. That angle and distance). This is how the Judge got it's name.

    • Harry J Reeves

      Forget the 45 caliber, even large predators can't handle 4 or smaller in the eye balls, nose and tongue and you can do it 5 times.

  • "JB" Brown

    I recently purchased a 3" chambered 3" barrel Judge for personal defense, both home and vehicle. This purchase was made after reading many online reviews and pondering the decision for many months before actually purchasing the Judge. I figured I would buy the thing, try it out and trade if off (if) it didn't seem the appropriate weapon. I AM GOING TO KEEP IT!

    My reasoning is that my main objective is to eliminate threats to myself and/or family, but not necessarily resulting in that threat being removed in a body bag. The Judge provides, in a compact and easy to carry weapon, the capacity to deliver 5 rounds within a few seconds of various types of ammunition to discourage or eliminate and threat that walks on two legs, four legs or slithers.

    It seems to be a well made weapon and is comfortable to shoot, for me. My wife has a little problem with the kick. I will get her a different weapon WHEN she decides she wishes to have one.

    I bought 3 types of ammunition to try and have on hand. (1) .410 with 7&1/2 shot (2) Winchester 410 with 5 "000" Buck pellets (3)45 Colt 200 GR. hollow points.

    The .410 7&1/2 shot (approximately 200 pellets per shell) is strictly for pointing in a general direction and pulling the trigger. If the target is more that 15 feet away, a general direction shot will pretty much assure the target will get hit by a few pellets. Unless a pellet hits an eye socket or enters another soft entry area, it is a warning shot with lots of noise and fire. Possibly enough to eliminate the 2 legged or 4 legged threat from fear or kill the slithering kind.

    The 5 pellets of 000 Buck is more accurate. Using a 1 X 10 pine board as a target at 25 feet, the pattern was reasonable (except for the 5th pellet.) and passed through the pine board. Repeated shots with this ammunition (be carefull it is EXPENSIVE) all showed the same results. One of the pellets (out of five in each shell) never held a pattern. I simply have no idea if it goes left or right or possibly, but very unlikely, through the same hole as another pellet.

    The 45 colt hollow points were impressive. At about 50 feet it did the expected damage to a hardwood (Ash) 1 x 12 board (and) the dirt brim behind the target. I figure anything beyond 50 feet is not serving the purpose for which I bought the weapon.

    So, what I now own is an easy carry weapon that can deliver a probable warning shot that stings like crazy, then a possible deadly shot of 4 or 5 large pellets with knockdown force, followed by 3 lethal hollow points if the first two didn't accomplish the job…all within a few seconds.

    That is good enough for me in home defense, vehicle defense and in the field or timber.

  • "JB" Brown

    As an added thought, I would like to caution anyone that target practices with the 5 pellet 000 Buckshot. Pick an extra soft target because this particular ammunition does NOT penetrate well and could ricochet.

    My first target at about 25 feet with this ammo was a seasoned flat surfaced block of Oak hardwood. NOT a good idea! The shot left dents in the Oak about the size of a dime, but at lease ONE of the pellets (I think) whizzed back past me or close enough to make me think so, anyway. Not a good feeling and a lesson learned that I should have anticipated. I know better, but really expected penetration in wood, hardwood or not. That is why the following shots were at a soft pine board which the pellets penetrated completely through.

    At $7.99 before tax for 5 shells is another good reason NOT to do too much target pratice with that shell.

  • Maloney

    I feel like most reviewers of The Judge, especially this one and Box O Truth, really demean the usefulness of the Judge by rating the .410 lethality (or lack there of) at such long distances.

    This is a handgun! The 3 inch barrel should imply that it is inadequate at anything further than 7 yards (give or take). People buy The Judge for the .410 shell, period. Its a PLUS to have the option of the 45.

    Explain to everyone how a .410 000 buckshot shoots 3-4 .30 caliber rounds in a dispersed pattern from one shell. That's like shooting a person 3 times with a .380, and you still have 4 more shells! The ability to mix your ammo to start with buckshot and move to 45 should you need it is a HUGE advantage in a handgun! Where are all of these attributes listed? How can you give the .45 colt the best rating for defense? That is totally circumstantial!.45 has a noted history over over penetration, which is a horrifying thought if using it in your home or a populated area.

    You need to call attention to the fact that buckshot in this gun is DEVASTATING on a man sized target at close quarter ranges (especially in car defense scenarios). IMO, no handgun is ideal for home defense. But if you want a handgun, buy a dedicated handgun. If you want a shotgun, buy a dedicated shotgun. If you want a balanced combination of the 2 for close quarters combat, the Judge with buckshot and/or 45 is an absolutely perfect fit to fill this niche.

    Yes, you say it has its special purposes, but you spent the review comparing it to full sized weapons with dedicated use. Auto reviews don't compare Hummers to Hugo's. Spend your time on the review of a gun based on its intended purpose, not based on reference to a standard shotgun or revolver.

    • Clemorswhomp

      Maloney, Holey moley where did you pop up from. Someone who actually knows what he is talking about. You are like a breath of fresh air at a burrito farting contest.



    Even with buckshot, the Judge is not adequate for self defense purposes, and each of those buckshot pellets is not comparable to a .380 bullet.

    That is because the buckshot in a .410 shotgun shell, after being fired down a pistol length barrel, is not traveling anywhere near the speed it would reach if fired out of a shotgun's much longer barrel. The Box O' Truth tested the penetration of buckshot from the Judge, and found it roughly equivalent to penetrating 4.5" of ballistic gel – not nearly enough for self defense purposes, where 12" of penetration is recommended by the FBI and other authorities.

    • hicusdicus

      You are so wrong it is mind boggling. How deep does bird shot, buck shot or even rock salt have to penetrate you face to decommission you? You need to quit reading the gun fantasy books and start shooting more. I keep reading that a shot gun is the best self defense weapon. What could be better than having a shot gun in your pocket. Since it is obvious that you mastered reading and writing it may be time for you to upgrade your logic.

  • "JB" Brown

    Maloney Said, "People buy The Judge for the .410 shell, period. Its a PLUS to have the option of the 45."

    Exactly! They buy it for the diversity of ammunition that can be used.

    I understand the premise that many experts believe at all self-defense weapons must have the ultimate maximum potential of being lethal with each and every shot. I, personally, do not accept that premise. My objective in self defense is to eliminate the threat. (1) get the threat to leave you alone (2) kill the threat if it is persistant.

    Depending on the circumstance, any of the type of ammunition that can be fired from the Judge could be lethal at home defense range. It is less likely with birdshot or Buckshot, but possible. In that same aspect, the potential of penetrating a wall and hurting innocents in other rooms is also reduced by using Birdshot or Buckshot.

    The abilty to fire in rapid progression increasingly lethal ammunition with the same compact, easy to carry one firearm in a matter of seconds is the novelty and strength of the Judge.

    • Harry J Reeves

      You are so correct and bucket of truth is actually a bucket of spoiled baloney.

  • Brian Johnson

    I just bought a Taurus Judge Tracker Public Defender, and I am trying to find the Best Bullet's to use for target practice. Also wondering if I am able to use Rifled Slugs or should Smooth Slugs if I can find them.

    • Harry J Reeves

      Try 4 or smaller and practice head shots at 35 feet or less. After looking at the target think of your face and what kind of return fire you would be capable of.

  • jak robinson

    if you have a smaller barrel then its more accurate than bigger ones

  • HottMetts

    Have youe ever fired a 30-30 from the Judge?

    • Clemorswhomp

      No I haven't why don't you give it a try and gives all a report on the out come, we will be all ears.

  • Judgenot

    If you have the cahona's to stand your ground under fire or assault, then pull the trigger any well placed shot will deter a woudl be attacker. Most all attackers are depending on your civility to not shoot at them. So make your mind to kill firt before you ever even worry about what gun to use. When You've answered that question, you'll practice enough to take care of business even if you pull out a 22 short.

    It isn't the weapon, it is the hand which holds the weapon that makes it leathal. So don't flinch, and let the hammer down on the intruder, then don't stop shooting until he has stopped moving.

    • hicus dicus

      You are so wrong it is not it is not worth explaining. Have you ever had to stand your ground with two armed men firing at you from 6 to 7 feet away? I have and it not what you might imagine. I was hit multiple times and barely lived through it.

  • Dan

    The Taurus Judge has had some of their cylinders blow up. Might want to check into that.

    • hicusdicus

      Check where?

  • hicus dicus

    I see the combat commandos from gun fantasy land are still at the what if game. Aside from vital organs the human epidermis is packed with millions of nerve endings. These nerve endings when disturbed by something called extreme pain from bird shot to buckshot will dissuade and detour any human from caring on with what ever path they have chosen to travel. Eye balls gum lines, nose gristle are all very easy to hit in a split second when under great stress. If the attackers are over 35 feet away you might get involved in homicide charges and get to face a liberal gun hating jury. My public defender which weights 1lb.4 oz will give me close to a 4 ft spread at 20 ft while the three slugs in the same cartridge will give about a 4 inch spread right in the center of the 9 BB's. I have fired about 2000 rounds through my six judges that vary from 1.5 to 4 inch barrels with 2.5 to 3 inch chambers. I have unloaded 5 rounds of bird shot and 5 rounds of 000 buck as fast as I can pull the trigger. What it does to a target should be a war crime and what 25 rounds of .380 from a 3 inch chamber does is something one needs to see for themselves. The Judge shoots .45's to keep it legal. If you want to shoot .45's buy a .45. The point of personal close up self defense is not to kill or wound but to deter with only fractions of a second to do so and not having time to acquire a sight picture,like shooting from the waist or to the side. Things usually do not go as fantasized. I would not own a judge with a 6.5 inch barrel. They leave a large doughnut hole at 20 feet. I am in the process of acquiring less than lethal rubber rounds for the first shot. The courts and jury look at this with the idea that it was not your intention to commit murder. Which can go a long way in your favor if you did not have all your ducks in a row. You folk really need to bone up on case law where lethal self defense is involved. It really might be an eye opener. The hand held 5 shot .410 legal sawed off shot gun is the best close up personal civilian defense weapon on the market. In closing I say carry what gives you an erection but if you come against a judge you will most likely lose. Or at the least be permanently maimed or blind.

  • Lloyd Booth

    The verdict shows the Judge could reduce the threat to its lowest level; however, the 45 ACP will eliminate the threat without prejudice.

    • hicus

      No it won't. A face full of any kind of .410 load will stop any human under any circumstances. Bullets miss and hurt onlookers.

      • Security

        I agree with you concerning the .410. I may like the .45 ACP because I am in the armored car profession, and the bad guys could come fully armored. The Judge is not an authorized duty weapon for armored, but for home defense, the Judge is a good choice. It is the Boom of Doom.

        • hicusdicus

          I bet you could hit him in the face easier with a load of buckshot than a .45. If The attacker is wearing a vest the face is all that is left and a .45 won't penetrate a vest. Bullets miss and are not usually instantly lethal. They can also kill Innocent bystanders of which there is very little legal defense.

  • Kevin Stafford

    We picked up a 6" Judge for my wife a few months ago. Living in rural Alabama where Timber rattlers and water moccosins can be HUGE, it is in-advisable to enter woods or brush most times of the year unarmed. Normally, we both carry .45 ACP semi-autos, but a recent experience with a very ornery moccosin showed us the error of our ways. My wife fired 6 times at an approaching snake in the water while fishing. The concussion of the .45 hollow points striking the water near the snake knocked it out and on the last shot, parts of the snake blew about 15 feet in the air. We decided a shot gun would better protect us while fishing after that, hoping to make it one shot-one kill in the future.

    • Lloyd

      "The trick with buckshot is that you can have a few large pellets or a bunch of smaller pellets. The smaller pellets have a better chance of scoring a hit due to the sheer number of pellets, but the severity of the wound won't be as great as a hit from a larger pellet."

      * 000 Buck – 8 lead pellets (0.36")
      * 00 Buck – 9 lead pellets (0.33")
      * 0 Buck – 12 lead pellets (0.32")
      * 1 Buck – 16 lead pellets (0.30")
      * 4 Buck – 27 lead pellets (0.24")

      • hicusdicus

        The more hits to the face the more deterring pain. You are aiming for the face?

  • hicusdicus

    I have always had a shot shell as the the first round out in every hand gun I have kept for self defense. The judge solved all those issues.

  • Dudejo

    so from what i understand, the Judge's ability to load shells and slugs is mostly novelty.

    unless the .45 Long Colt generates so much recoil that a shell or slug WOULD be a viable choice.

    or if a Judge with either choice of ammunition ends up cheaper than a Magnum revolver.

    other than that, i don't see this weapon being especially useful.

    • Energize the Judge

      Researching the Judge vs .45 Long Colt, here is what I found:
      At point-blank both guns will do great damage.

      The following data for the .45 Long Colt looks like standard pressure rounds.
      (For personal protection the +p seems to be recommended.)

      .45 Long Colt 200 gr at 50 yards 372 ft lbs energy.
      .45 Long Colt 225 gr at 50 yards 384 ft lbs energy.
      .45 Long Colt 250 gr at 50 yards 380 ft lbs energy.

      .410 solid slug 88 gr at 50 yards 345 ft lbs energy.
      .410 solid slug 110 gr at 50 yards 342 ft lbs energy.

      Both guns similar energy at 50 yards; however, the .45 bullet would penetrate deeper.

      • hicusdicus

        Why would you shoot some one 150 feet away from you? That would hardly be called self defense. That would most likely fall under some form of man slaughter and you would be off to proctology school. The judge is a legal hand held sawed off shot gun that will lay down any human within 35 feet loaded with buck and ball. Personal self defense range is a matter for the courts, but you better have your ducks in a row.

        • Guns 'R' Us

          I think the discussion was about the energy both guns measured, which seems to be very comparable. The distance offers no value for personal protection because that would be up close. However for hunting, the measurement would have some commonality. An attacker would probably not want to encounter either one.

          • hicusdicus

            Its not a hunting gun in any sense of the word. Its for personal self defense and inflicts extreme pain and deterrence. The Judge is not intended to be lethal it is designed to stop or deter anything on two feet even if they are wearing body armor and keep them deterred. All that is required is to point not aim at the face and pull the trigger 5 times. Energy has nothing to do with the Judge unless you are gun nut. The only reason the Judge fires the .45 colt long is to keep it legal.

  • squeezebox boom

    Revolver that fires shotgun shells, that's hardcore, seems like it came straight out of a video game lol.

  • The Judge

    Don't mess with "The Judge" while you're on the road.

  • Loyd Olin

    I have a 3" Judge with 3" chamber……WARNING… not shoot the 3" Federal 410 buckshot handgun shells in it……these shells were designed for the judge and do not work…….when I fired one the crimping part of the plastic shell casing opened up into the barrel causing it to jam…….I had to take the gun apart to remove the plastic……

  • Lynn

    You don’t have to worry which shells it shoots, because the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms have had it removed from sales. Big gun, short lived.

  • Robert

    I am looking for something like the Taurus simply for critter control as I have a .12 security 8 shot for defense. the .410 would be good for snakes an such…….