Illinois Standard Capacity Magazine Ban Considered

Published by the Author on May 9, 2008 at 3:13 pm > Gun Related News > Illinois Standard Capacity Magazine Ban Considered

The Illinois state legislature is currently considering a ban on standard capacity (> 10 rounds) magazines. The highest penalty carried for violations would be a Class 3 Felony, ensuring that law abiding citizens (who don’t commit crimes anyway) would not purchase standard capacity magazines, but the criminals who don’t fear a Class X felony charge would keep their standard capacity magazines. This legislation represents yet another attempt at a fundamentally flawed “assault weapon” ban. The result would be that home invaders would still have more bullets in their guns, while the law abiding home owner’s gun would be empty after fewer shots. This legislation would also ban countless firearms designed in the 1800’s, which are hardly the favorites of criminals. The full text of this proposed legislation can be seen here. Please contact the IL state representatives and ask them to vote against this ill-conceived legislation.

Also, please don’t forget to take further action to protect our gun rights. A few minutes of your time can make all the difference.

Join the NRA today and do your part to help preserve our gun rights (and save $10).

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