If There Were No Guns Allowed in America…

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on May 9, 2008 at 1:24 am
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Recently I have read articles produced by anti-gun groups which painted the picture of an America without guns. These articles argue that if we were to ban guns tomorrow, that the country would be a better place. I’ll leave aside the fact that firearm ownership is a right protected by the 2nd amendment, and address the substantive argument: Such anti-gun propaganda fails to take into account practical considerations, as well as human nature. Rather than reducing crime, such a ban on firearms would leave criminals with a monopoly on guns, and law abiding citizens would have their own monopoly on defenselessness.

From a practical standpoint, banning guns would not get rid of the hundreds of millions of guns that are already in existence. Even if law abiding gun owners were to voluntarily comply with the hypothetical law and turn in their guns, the criminals would not do the same. Since we as a country value our 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the police would be unable to go door to door searching for the guns without probable cause, and even were the police to do so, the criminals could simply hide their guns. Additionally, the cost and time needed to exhaustively search the country for guns would be prohibitively high and simply unfeasible. In short, the hundreds of millions of guns in the country aren’t going anywhere, no matter what laws are passed, and even if the guns were to somehow magically vanish, criminals would simply import new guns, just as they import drugs and other contraband.

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Human nature is another aspect. A cursory study of human nature makes clear that (1) criminals disobey laws, including gun control laws, (2) that whether criminals have guns or not, they will commit their crimes, (3) that the law abiding citizens who would follow such a hypothetical gun ban are not the people we need to worry about having guns.
Addressing the first point that criminals disobey laws, including gun control laws, should not require much explanation. The fact is that there are people in our society who feel that they don’t have to obey the laws. Some of them unlawfully park in handicapped parking spaces, others never use their turn signals, and some commit murder. In each case, humans have chosen to disobey a law, and for such people, gun control laws are just one more law to ignore. I would be willing to be good money that there has never been a criminal ready to commit a murder who changed his or her mind because there was a gun ban, and he or she didn’t want to face a gun possession charge.
The second point that criminals will commit their crimes with or without guns should be equally obvious. Guns are a (relatively) new thing in human history, yet crime has occurred since before the start of recorded history, showing that guns are not a necessary tool of criminals. Criminals who do not have guns also ply their illicit trades, and the majority of violent crimes are committed by criminals without guns.
The third point is that law abiding citizens, who are the only ones that would obey a gun ban, are not the people we want to take guns away from. Rather, armed and law abiding citizens stop criminals every single day, providing security for us all since the police can’t be everywhere all the time. A criminal who is stopped by a law abiding citizen today cannot victimize another law abiding citizen tomorrow. Indeed I would argue that any citizen who would give up their guns rather than face a gun possession charge is someone who wouldn’t commit a more serious crime such as murder or robbery. This is because it simply doesn’t make sense that a person would fear a relatively minor gun possession charge, but not fear a murder or armed robbery charge.

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In short, an America where guns are banned by law would be a place that criminals, who, by definition, won’t obey the law and will still keep their guns, would have a monopoly on force. The law abiding citizens would be left without the means to defend themselves in a timely fashion, and would instead have to hope that the police somehow show up in time. Criminals, who don’t fear murder or robbery charges, wouldn’t give a second thought to the gun ban and would keep their illegal guns, and import more just as they import drugs. Secure in the knowledge that the citizens are unarmed and defenseless, criminals would be emboldened. Even the most anti-gun politicians recognize this, and keep armed body guards close by for their own security.

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  • Joe

    So essentially, it would become Mexico?

  • BasinBictory

    The premise of the anti-gunners proposing a gun-less society is so profoundly absurd that I just don't know where to start.

    Okay – let's say we have a magic wand and can magically make ALL guns just disappear – cease to exist. Gunpowder technology no longer exists and we cannot easily recreate it. So – now there's no guns at all. What happens? As you mention – the criminal element (typically composed of young, strong, hardened and violent men) have a monopoly on force. They can use their greater physical stature to beat up and rob anyone they please. They will invent or acquire melee weapons to further their criminal aims. Even if law-abiding people are allowed to keep melee weapons for defense (don't laugh at the idea of a "sword ban" – many countries have done exactly that in the past, and the UK currently bans so many things that could be used as a weapon its frankly amazing to me that there's ANY crime at all there! :D) – swords and other melee weapons take a great deal of skill, strength and practice to use effectively against a similarly-armed attacker.

    The gun-grabber's failure to acknowledge human nature just shows me that their collective heads are in the sand. (Or perhaps somewhere just as dark but a little more pungent)

  • Eric

    So what you are saying is , a gun ban would stop people from breaking into peoples houses and rapping and murdering the occupants? He cant get his hands on a gun so he brings a knife with a 10 inch blade. So know because the home owner or renter cant buy a gun anymore in America, he or she has to fend of a knife wielding maniac with their bare hands or at best a baseball bat? You people can't be that stupid? or can you?

    • hicus dicus

      Yes Eric they are that stupid and it won't be to long till they pay homage to Mecca.

  • mr uk


  • mr uk

    in the uk we have very little guns. the cops and prison staff dont even carry them .if you stoped making and selling guns, over time there would be less and less. lock the people up who have guns they will soon get the message.i feel safe knowing no ones going to be in my back garden with a gun. .some people say you need them incase of invaision i say bull shit whats your army for then?

    • Armed Veteran

      The army does not camp in my back yard. And another lesson in history that you obiously missed is
      "When you take our right to bear arms, you are essentially changing us from a citizen into a subject."
      The bad guys have weapons, don't try to take mine!!!!

    • rozyredtoes

      Well it sure was good thing America had plenty of extra guns when the Nazi's were at your door step. Where I live there are Deer with fawns and horny mean bucks, coyotes, cougars and occasional black bears along with feral dogs and a pot load of hill billies and any one of them could take me out and they don't need guns.The English don't need guns knives or what have you. They have degenerated to the point where they as a nation don't have the will to stand up to much of anything.They can't even build a car worth owning. It won't be long till the whole of Britain bows toward Mecca. By the way my relatives migrated from Manchester England and boy am I glad.

  • Armed Veteran

    you are full of crap!!!! After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and basically had America on our knees, they could have attacked our main land but their commanding general had gone to school in the US and knew that most Americans have guns. He decided they would not have a chance. Somtimes the Army needs a little help!!!!!! Do you get it?????

  • Ben Gagliardo

    Why should I give up my rights so you can feel “safe”? I feel safer having the freedom to protect myself, but you feel safer having me not being able to protect myself? please get professional help

  • Phill Mccullough

    if people want a gun they only are allowed just one bullet just like me and barney fide of mayberry nc

  • Phill Mccullough

    and I still to this day am the same person still do not want people with guns on them or vehicles and homes I am just like barney fide today theres only one thing that is about fear is fear itself