Chicago Woman Arrested for Grabbing Cop’s Gun and Shooting him to Death with it

As the Chicago Tribune reports, a woman allegedly grabbed a Chicago police officer’s gun and fatally shot him ,as he tried to remove her from a bus stop altercation.  This tragedy shows that even in a city like Chicago, which has a handgun ban, a those who want a gun to commit murder will get one somehow.

Chicago police officer Francis was killed across from the Belmont Area headquarters which houses a detective division, police district and a branch courthouse.  Other police officers responded to the scene of Francis’ murder, when the woman allegedly threated those officers too. They then shot and wounded the woman, firing more than 10 rounds.  Officer Francis, who was near retirement, is survived by his wife and step daughters.

Anytime I read about a criminal committing murder, it makes me sad to think about the life cut short, and the lives of the family that are changed forever.  I also can’t help thinking that perhaps an armed and law abiding citizen could have intervened to save this officer’s life – but for Illinois’ ban on concealed carry, and Chicago’s ban on handgun ownership.