Man Grabs Gun from Home Invader and Shoots in Self Defense

Published by the Author on November 8, 2008 at 12:41 pm > Gun Related News > Man Grabs Gun from Home Invader and Shoots in Self Defense

As reported, Anthony Velez, a Tampa, Florida man was at home in his apartment when two home invaders broke in.  The criminals tied the man up, and robbed his home.  Fearing that he was about to be murdered by the criminals, he managed to break free, grab their gun, and fatally shoot one of the criminals in self defense.  The surviving criminal then ran away.

First, my congratulations to Mr. Velez.  He faced one of the most terrifying and difficult situations that a human can face, and managed to prevail.  Because of his quick action, he is alive with only minor injuries – and a violent criminal will not be able to victimize another person.

At the same time, Mr. Velez is lucky that he was able to grab the gun.  Most people faced with an armed criminal have virtually no chance of grabbing a criminal’s gun without being shot.  For that reason, it is best to have a home defense gun, rather than to count on being lucky enough to grab the criminal’s gun.

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