Armed Pizza Delivery Man Defends Himself Against Ambush Robbers

Published by the Author on March 11, 2009 at 12:02 am > Gun Related News > Armed Pizza Delivery Man Defends Himself Against Ambush Robbers

As reported, four criminals ordered pizza to a house with the intent of robbing whomever delivered it. None of the four lived at the house and the homeowner did not realize his home was being used for a robbery. A Pizza Hut delivery man, 43-year-old Christopher Miller, showed up at the home at 10:30pm found and 17-year-old Paul Sturgill was standing on the sidewalk waiting to ambush him. Soon after Miller got out of the car, two other men ran at him from the woods. When Miller started running away, Sturgill continually tried beating him in the face. Miller, who has a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his .45 caliber handgun that he had in his fanny pack and fatally shot Sturgill in the chest. The three other suspects fled, and two of them have since been arrested.

Pizza delivery drivers are often targeted by cowardly criminal who ambush them by ordering a pizza.  All too often, the pizza delivery driver is killed by a criminal who values the few dollars that they are carrying more than human life.  And this is another reason why I support concealed carry, as armed pizza delivery drivers can defend themselves like this man did, rather than being murdered while just trying to earn an honest living.

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While I’m glad that this pizza delivery man was able to defend himself, I am sad that he may now risk losing his job.  In the past, Pizza Hut fired a driver who rightfully defended himself against robbers in a situation quite similar to this.  I only hope that this time around, Pizza Hut doesn’t punish a man whose courageous actions not only saved himself, but also lead to 3 criminals being taken off the street, thereby saving their future victims from the same type of ordeal.

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