Career Criminal Shot While Trying to Break into Semi Truck Sleeper Cab

As reported, a semi truck driver in Tennessee was sleeping in his truck’s sleeper cab when James Edward Hodges, Jr., a man with a lengthy criminal record, tried to break in.  Hodges first used a rock to break the sleeper cab’s window, and then tried to climb in, at which point the truck driver opened fire in self defense.  Hodges, who had previous convictions for burglary, thefts, driving under the influence, drug charges, aggravated assault, failures to appear in court, unlawful possession of a weapon, driving while privilege revoked, criminal trespassing, violation of probation, and possession of burglary tools, was found dead at the scene by police.

This and many other self defense cases showcase the value of gun ownership for self defense.  This truck driver, who was minding his own business and just trying to sleep and make an honest living, could very easily have been killed or seriously hurt by the truck invading criminal who had a history of violence.  Thankfully, that did not happen, as this truck driver was armed.  Society also benefits here, as this career criminal will be unable to victimize another person in the future.