Armed Robber Unintentionally Shoots his Accomplice

As reported, 4 men set out to rob an industrial supply company in Charlotte, North Carolina.  During the robbery, one of the criminals drew his gun and tried to shoot the robbery victim.  Fortunately for the victim, the robber missed – and unintentionally shot one of his accomplices in the face.  All 4 criminals then fled, and arrests have since been made.

This is certainly not the first time that a criminal has ended up shooting themselves or a fellow criminal.  This criminal looked down the barrel of his own gun and then pulled the trigger, after his gun failed to discharge when he was trying to shoot a robbery victim.  The criminal’s gun worked on the second try, and he managed to shoot himself.  This criminal kicked down the door of a home he was getting ready to invade during the night, and then fatally shot himself when drawing his pistol from his waistband.  He was found the next morning, lying dead on the driveway.

Unfortunately, most criminals don’t manage to shoot themselves while attacking innocent people – so it is up to their victims to act in self defense.