Grocery Store Burglar Shot in Self Defense

Published by the Author on May 3, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Grocery Store Burglar Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a 21 year old man, along with an accomplice, broke into an Idaho grocery store through a fan duct.  A grocery store employee was working on a computer upstairs in the grocery store, and went to investigate the noise.  One of the burglars rushed toward the employee, who shot the burglar in the leg.   The burglar continued to advance on the employee, at which point the employee fatally shot the burglar in the chest.  The accomplice then fled.

Here we have yet another case of gun ownership allowing one law abiding person to defend themselves when faced with multiple criminals.  Had this store employee not had a gun, he could have been seriously harmed by this pair of would-be burglars, since few people can effectively fight off multiple attackers.

This also shows the importance of proper bullet placement when defending oneself.  Here, the store employee first shoot the criminal in the leg, but that didn’t stop the criminal from continuing to advance on the employee.  Instead, the attack ended only when the employee fatally shot the criminal in the chest.  The fact is that unless the criminal is hit in certain vital organs, such as the brain, spine, or heart, that criminal can often continue their attack. (This is why tasers and pepper spray are no replacement for a gun.)  While it is unfortunate that effective self defense may result in the death of the criminal, it is far better that that risk of death be borne by the violent criminal, than their innocent victim.

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