Cash-N-Dash Robber Fatally Shot in Self Defense

Published by the Author on May 7, 2009 at 12:01 pm > Gun Related News > Cash-N-Dash Robber Fatally Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a pair of robbers entered a Cash-N-Dash in Mobile County, Alabama.  An employee (or possibly the owner) was threatened by the robbers, at which point he opened fire on the criminals.  One of the criminals was fatally wounded, and died after running about 60 yards from the store’s front door.  The other alleged robber was apprehended by police, and is being held without bail on a first-degree robbery charge.

Here we have yet another case where an armed citizen is able to shoot a violent robber before that robber could kill the citizen or another innocent person.  Instead of ending up nearly killed by a robber after complying with demands for money, this clerk will be able to go on with his life.  Remember, complying with robbers’ demands is no guarantee that they won’t become violent, and self defense is often the best way for a citizen to stay safe during a robbery.  Society as a whole will also reap the benefit of having a violent career criminal permanently off the streets, with another alleged robber behind bars.

I would also like to note that this self defense gun use took place in a rather busy area, with a supermarket and other businesses nearby – yet not one innocent person was injured.  This shouldn’t be surprising, since armed citizens are 5.5 times less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person.

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