An Unusually Happy Ending to a Violent Armed Robbery

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As reported, a car mechanic was lured behind a high school by a pair of robbers who posed as customers in need of a mechanic.  After the victim was behind the high school, one of the robbers drew his gun, pointed it at the victim’s head, and then pulled the trigger.  Lucky, the robber’s gun failed to fire, and the victim was unharmed.  The robbers then took the victim’s money, and promptly began fighting with each other as to how their ill-gotten funds would be split up.  The victim used this opportunity to run to safety.

Here, we have a pair of robbers that didn’t even give their victim a chance to comply, and instead tried to murder him right away, in order to steal what little money he had on his person.  Sadly, this situation is not uncommon, as there are indeed criminals who care so little for their victims’ lives that they are willing to kill for just a few dollars.  In other cases, robbers will allow the victim to comply, and still shoot them anyway.  Sometimes, the robber opens fire because the victim didn’t have enough money to make the robber happy. In other cases, it seems that the robber opens fire just for fun.

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Luckily, this man lived, although only because the robber did such a poor job maintaining and/or using his gun that it didn’t fire.  However I would rather not trust my life to this sort of luck, and instead advocate for concealed carry, which has allowed countless citizens to defend themselves against this very sort of violent attack.

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