Guns at School: One Year Later

Published by the Author on August 14, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Guns at School: One Year Later

A year ago, the superintendent of a rural Texas school district decided to allow teachers to carry concealed firearms for self defense.  Predictably, the anti gun crowd was outraged, and predicted dire consequences.  However the school district stuck with the plan, and a year has passed with no bloodshed.  Instead, the Harrold Independent School District is safe and secure.

I was preparing to write an article about this 1 year milestone, but found that the Abilene Online Reporter News had already done an excellent job.  That article discusses the hysteria whipped up by those opposed to gun rights, and how not one of their dire predictions has come to pass.  Perhaps best of all are the quotes from the school superintendent, David Thweatt, who recognizes the futility of “gun free zones.”

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