Belize City Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a resident of Belize City, Belize was standing in his own yard with three friends when an armed robber ran up to the man and threatened his life during a robbery attempt.  However this victim was one of the fortunate Belize City residents to have a lawfully owned gun for self defense.  The victim complied with the robber’s demands, before drawing his own gun and commanding the robber to stop and return his property.  The robber refused, drew his gun, and threatened the life of the robbery victim again.  At this point, the robbery victim fired in self defense, killing the robber and protecting himself and his friends.

I would like to note that this case occurred in the Central American country of Belize, where there has been a sharp rise in violent crime over the last decade.  Criminals in Belize City have engaged in machete chopping attacks, robberies, shootings and other crimes, despite rather strict gun control laws  (those who would like more information on the Believe City crime problem can see this security notice released by US Government, intended to warn tourists of the danger.) Whether discussing Africa, Europe, the USA, South America, or any other location on the planet, it is clear that law abiding citizens need the right to armed self defense.

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I would also note that this armed citizen gave the violent robber an opportunity to stop the attack and return his property, rather than opening fire right away. By doing so, this citizen took a great risk to his life, as all too often, robbers open fire when given a chance to surrender.  Indeed, it appears that this robber was preparing to shoot the victim, and was only stopped because the victim was a quicker shot.  Those who like to blame crime victims who defend themselves should take not of this case and the many others, where crime victims try their very best to avoid shooting the robber, even though they could lawfully have opened fire sooner.