Dormont, PA Armed Robber Shot by his Victim

Published by the Author on December 18, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Dormont, PA Armed Robber Shot by his Victim

As reported, a robber who was armed with a gun and an electric stun gun was shot by one of his victims:

Police say that an armed robber entered Bill Auto Service, located on the 2900 block of West Liberty Ave in Dormont, PA, and used a stun gun against the owner and a delivery man who was present.  The robber then reportedly held the men at gunpoint, while relieving them of their belongings.  Acting in self defense, the owner reportedly grabbed his own gun and fired, striking the robber and ending the attack.  The body of a 39 year old suspect was found nearby with the robbery victims’ belongings.

It is important to note that stun gun devices can be deadly, as they can stop the heart or cause a person to fall and suffer a fatal head injury.  Also, note that a victim who is incapacitated by a stun gun can then be beaten to death by the criminal.  No matter how one looks at it, a criminal who attacks with a stun gun is a deadly threat.  As a result, I firmly believe that anyone who is attacked with such a device is reasonably in fear for their life, and justified in using deadly force to defend themselves – whether or not the criminal also had a real gun, as the criminal reportedly in this case.

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