New York Business Owner Shoots 4 Armed Robbers in Self Defense

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As reported, 4 armed robbers entered the Kaplan Brother Blue Flame Corporation, a restaurant-supply business, and announced that they were going to commit a robbery.  One of the criminals then drew a handgun, and began to pistol whip an employee.  The 72 year old owner of the Harlem business grabbed his shotgun and opened fire in self defense.  Two of the robber were killed, and the other two were injured. The two surviving robbers fled, but police quickly apprehended a pair of suspects with gunshot wounds. Below is a video clip of the interview with the store owner who fired in self defense:

Once again, guns are a valuable self defense tool.  Unarmed individuals can suffer a terrible fate when a criminal robs them, even if they fully cooperate with the criminal’s demands.  The same is true for those who try to run from the robber.

However, when crime victims are armed, they are often able to defend themselves. This armed barber shot an armed criminal who threatened him and his son, saving their lives.  This armed pet shop clerk shot an armed robber who threatened a fellow employee’s life, as well as his own life, preventing them both from being stabbed.  This armed pizza delivery man defended himself against 3 armed robbers, and walked away unharmed.  This armed citizen stopped a bank robber, while this armed Israeli citizen stopped a terrorist. Indeed, studies show that armed citizens stop criminals millions of times each year.

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  • BasinBictory

    I read about this story this morning on

    It astounds me (although perhaps it shouldn't) how anti-gun the article is framed. There is a comment from a witness who, pointing to the blood smeared pavement and appranently referring to one of the dead robbers, "He died in the hands of God, but what goes around comes around." Does that not sound like an ominous threat to you? Or was he perhaps (as I hope) referring to the robber's lifetime of criminal activity finally catching up to him?

    Also, the article mentions that he "did not have a permit" for the shotgun. SInce when do you need a permit for a long gun? Stored in your own business?

    Well – it's New York, what would you expect?