Nacogdoches, TX Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

As reported, a Nacogdoches County, Texas homeowner reportedly used his gun to stop a violent would-be home invader who had threatened his life and allegedly shot 4 horses to death.

Police say that the home invader went on a shooting spree, killing four horses on two properties on County Road 232 in Nacogdoches County and firing a shot into a third home.  The criminal then allegedly went to the door of a home and shouted that he was going to kill the homeowner.  At this point, the armed homeowner is said to have fired in self defense, wounding the would-be intruder.  Police reportedly arrived and apprehended a suspect, Steven Spradley, who was suffering from a non life threatening gunshot wound to his lower torso.  Spradley, who was previously charged with arson, has been charged with four counts of cruelty to animals, one count of burglary with intent to commit assault, and one count of deadly conduct, according to police.

This is yet another successful example of armed self defense, which occurs about 2.5 million times each year in the USA.  Had this homeowner not been armed, he could have been killed by the home invader, as happens all too often.  Fortunately, this homeowner was armed, and as a result survived the night unharmed.

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My thanks to Varron for pointing out this self defense case.