A Social Networking Website for Gun Owners: MyGunSpot.com

I’m pleased to announce my latest website, MyGunSpot.com.  It is a social networking website geared towards gun owners:

MyGunSpot.com Features

MyGunSpot.com allows users to network with other gun owners, exchange messages, join groups, create their own blogs, and stay up to date on gun-related news. MyGunSpot.com is free for everyone to use, and you can sign up here.

Why I created MyGunSpot.com

There are several reasons why I created a social networking website geared towards gun owners:

1. While there are existing social networking websites (e.g. Facebook), many individuals don’t wish to make it known to the world that they own guns.  For example, my Facebook page only contains information that I’m comfortable sharing with my employer, coworkers, and other attorneys.  I also don’t wish to have any would-be burglars look up my name on Facebook and learn that I’m a gun owner.  Therefore, I don’t do anything gun-related on Facebook.  However, I’m fine with using MyGunSpot.com under the name LearnAboutGuns.

2. I believe getting more gun owners to communicate with each other is a step in the right direction for gun rights.

3. I’ve noticed several cases where users of this website needed a way to communicate with each other but were unable to effectively do so using the comments section below each article.

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4. Although I’m now an attorney, I also hold a B.S. in Computer Science and am currently pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science.  As such, I enjoy programming, web development, and related endeavors.  I took a few days off of work after the holidays, and decided that creating a new website would be a nice break from lawyering.

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